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1995 Stories by Jim Murphy

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  • Nightclub Jitters

    published December 14, 1995

    Miami Bites the Big Apple Cigar smoke, girls in tight Lycra dresses, and Nil Lara without shoes. Just another night in Miami-- uh, make... More >>

  • Rotations

    published December 7, 1995

    New Bomb Turks Pissing Out the Poison (Crypt) Before punk rock found new digs on the Billboard album chart, it was the... More >>

  • Karma Chameleon

    published November 9, 1995

    Call it karma or chalk it up to sheer luck, but things have a way of working out for Stephan Mikes. For example: Ten years ago, while he was... More >>

  • Nightclub Jitters

    published October 19, 1995

    "It's a done deal," Brian Franklin proclaims with more than a trace of relief in his voice, putting an end to two months of nail-biting suspense... More >>

  • Egg Gets the Yolk

    published October 19, 1995

    Among all of nature's marvels, perhaps the egg best symbolizes the paradox of reality. Within a plain, inert, unassuming white shell lies the very... More >>

  • Give 'Em Enough Slack

    published August 25, 1995

    If you guessed that "slack key" is a special guitar tuning technique employed by Generation X poster boy Beck, you'd be half-right. The term does... More >>

  • The Little Label That Could

    published August 25, 1995

    The decorative theme of the Coconut Grove Recording Company's offices might best be described as Indie Label Unkempt. Framed posters and... More >>

  • Eclectic Ladyland

    published August 10, 1995

    Being identical twins, Evi and Gin Weintraub of INHOUSE reach levels of vocal interplay that are out of the reach of singing duos with flimsier... More >>

  • The Vodou They Do So Well

    published June 29, 1995

    The telephone connection crackles with static as Theodore "Lolo" Beaubrun, Jr., front man for the Haitian roots band Boukman Eksperyans, shushes... More >>

  • Rara Raveup

    published June 29, 1995

    Rara Raveup Boukman Eksperyans Libäte (Pran Pou Pran'l!) (Mango) For listeners whose perception of "voodoo" has... More >>

  • Franklin Mint

    published June 15, 1995

    "Jim is one of those people who has absolutely no idea what he's capable of." Brian Franklin sits in the corner of a nondescript North Miami Beach... More >>

  • The Future of Rock and Roll

    published May 25, 1995

    The calendar says it's 1995, but the vibe in rock and roll these days is decidedly mid-Seventies. As the Jimmy Page-Robert Plant juggernaut makes... More >>

  • Family Affair

    published April 13, 1995

    It's almost ten o'clock on a Saturday night, and 77-year-old Emilio Mario Valdez is planted firmly in front of the stage at Churchill's Hideaway,... More >>

  • Welcome Matt

    published February 16, 1995

    Apart from the obvious tools of the trade -- cables, guitar picks, a really good head of hair -- musicians often require something more likely... More >>

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