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  • A Public Servant Goes Public

    published December 20, 2001

    In the spring of this year, Deborah Curtin resigned as director of Team Metro, a county department she helped create in the aftermath of Hurricane... More >>

  • It's a Wonderful Decision

    published December 13, 2001

    As the final vote was announced, Katy Sorenson let loose an emphatic "Yes!" For seven years the county commissioner for South Miami-Dade had... More >>

  • The $400 Million Santa

    published November 29, 2001

    Last week Mayor Alex Penelas gave his favorite county manager a hearty pat on the back. "This is a good, tangible example of what I've been saying... More >>

  • Bunker Mentality

    published November 15, 2001

    By its very nature, the county's Emergency Operations Center is a tense place. Activated in times of... More >>

  • Bully Boy

    published November 8, 2001

    A few weeks ago a county hall insider mentioned to me that he had heard about an interesting memo written by Tom David, executive assistant county... More >>

  • The Alonso Shell Game

    published October 11, 2001

    Investigators on the trail of Miami-Dade County Commissioner Miriam Alonso have uncovered a dizzying array of front groups and secret bank... More >>

  • Of Pain and place

    published September 20, 2001

    Close to HomeThey met at Victory Hospital back in August 1962. My mother had just given birth to me, but owing to problems during the... More >>

  • The Dissection of Miriam Alonso

    published September 13, 2001

    The condominium was ideal. Located on the twelfth floor, overlooking the ocean, it was in the heart of Miami Beach at 5701 Collins Ave. Two... More >>

  • The Secret Flush Fund

    published September 6, 2001

    Miriam Alonso, the Miami-Dade County Commissioner whose politics are as shrill as her voice, is under criminal investigation for allegedly... More >>

  • Digital Intrigue

    published August 30, 2001

    This past July County Manager Steve Shiver rejected the nearly unanimous recommendation of a special review committee and decided that an $8.8... More >>

  • Space Cowboy

    published August 16, 2001

    Maybe Sen. Bill Nelson spent too much time in space. After all, scientists believe that prolonged exposure to zero gravity can disturb a person's... More >>

  • Bad News

    published August 9, 2001

    No one is more surprised by Tom Fiedler's appointment as the new executive editor of the Miami... More >>

  • Corporate Morph

    published August 9, 2001

    Knight Ridder was formed in 1974, when Knight Newspapers joined with Ridder Publications. The Knight company had been founded in 1903, when... More >>

  • Oops, He Did It Again

    published July 26, 2001

    While he was still mayor of Homestead, Steve Shiver used the city's Tallahassee lobbyist to help one of his friends with a petition for executive... More >>

  • Accounts Payable

    published July 19, 2001

    As a member of the Homestead City Council, and then later as mayor, Steve Shiver accepted three all-expense-paid trips from the Community Bank of... More >>

  • The Fall Guy

    published July 12, 2001

    Robert Nachlinger is angry. "I've invested sixteen years in this community," he tells me. "I have a reputation that I built up, and Steve Shiver... More >>

  • Shadow Dwellers

    published June 14, 2001

    Last week Katy Sorenson waited patiently for her item on the commission agenda to be called: a report from County Manager Steve Shiver on the... More >>

  • Devil in a Blue Dress

    published May 31, 2001

    Nobody was happier to hear that Janet Reno was considering a run for governor than Will Ferrell, the Saturday Night Live cast member who... More >>

  • It's Reno Time!

    published May 24, 2001

    After spending eight years in Washington as U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno was telling everyone who would listen that her only plans were to... More >>

  • Enough's Enough

    published May 17, 2001

    For more than two months, Miami-Dade County Manager Steve Shiver has assured commissioners that suing the federal government over its refusal to... More >>

  • A Friend in Need

    published April 26, 2001

    Nobody knows better than Homestead Mayor Roscoe Warren how badly Steve Shiver has bungled his first two months as county manager. During a March 8... More >>

  • Stop the Press!

    published April 12, 2001

    Steve Shiver grew up in a family where he was made to feel he could do no wrong. He was his mother's pride and joy, and the one chosen not only to... More >>

  • Under New Management

    published April 5, 2001

    Mayco Villafaña is a decent man who has been communications director for Miami-Dade County for the past two and a half years. "Mayco always... More >>

  • Strike Three

    published March 22, 2001

    As the new county manager, Steve Shiver already has two strikes against him. Strike one: The 34-year-old former mayor of More >>

  • New World, Old Woes

    published March 15, 2001

    Earlier this month state Rep. Frank Arza performed a modest act of heroism by walking into the New World... More >>

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