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1998 Stories by Jim DeFede

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  • The Junket Queen

    published December 24, 1998

    As Gov.-elect Jeb Bush ponders whether Miami-Dade County Commissioner Natacha Millan merits a position in his administration, he may first want to... More >>

  • On the Road with Natacha Millan

    published December 24, 1998

    Place Date Cost Madrid, Spain October 20-27, 1996 $2000 Secaucus, NJ ... More >>

  • Airport Sleaze Aplenty

    published December 17, 1998

    Call it trickle-down corruption. After years of watching politicians and senior county officials line their pockets -- a few getting caught, most... More >>

  • A Day of Reckoning

    published December 10, 1998

    Less than ten minutes after the county commission voted to pass the gay rights ordinance, a stunned Miriam Alonso rose from the dais, walked... More >>

  • Grigsby in Defense of Grigsby

    published December 3, 1998

    No one may be happier to see this year come to a close than Calvin Grigsby. In January the San Francisco-based bond dealer and businessman was... More >>

  • Principles vs. Politics

    published November 26, 1998

    She's crying now. Halfway through the story of how the principal and assistant principal at the school where she teaches threatened and harassed... More >>

  • A Legacy of Reason

    published November 12, 1998

    Last week voters in Colorado's Second Congressional District elected a new representative to replace David Skaggs, a respected Democrat who is... More >>

  • Jeb Repackaged

    published October 29, 1998

    Jeb Bush and I first met in 1994 during his run for governor. For six days I crisscrossed the state with him in a motor home, listening to more... More >>

  • Howard Gary Sings

    published October 22, 1998

    After spending the past year at war with the U.S. Attorney's Office, Howard Gary has agreed to a truce; he will remain the government's star... More >>

  • Meet the Candidate, Now Call Your Attorney

    published October 15, 1998

    Merrill Crews is the Republican Party candidate for the Florida House of Representatives in District 119, which encompasses a large portion... More >>

  • Tales in the Storm

    published October 1, 1998

    Around 6:00 a.m. Friday morning, with the worst of Hurricane Georges still a few hours away, Doug Hawley is totaling up the register receipts... More >>

  • How To Save the Neighborhood

    published September 24, 1998

    Mary Williams remembers the day Ed Williamson told her he intended to purchase the vacant lot near her Kendall home and move his Cadillac... More >>

  • I Am Truly Sorry

    published September 24, 1998

    After spending seven years covering politics in Miami, recent events have caused me to realize that I owe several people apologies. Let me start... More >>

  • Right Out of a Movie

    published August 27, 1998

    Last month Miguel Moya was walking to his car in an employee-only parking lot at Miami International Airport when he was approached by a large and... More >>

  • Requiem for a Newspaper

    published August 13, 1998

    The Miami Herald used fourteen reporters last week to cover the resignation of its publisher, David Lawrence, Jr. Fourteen! With so... More >>

  • Baba's Big Bucks

    published July 30, 1998

    On Saturday morning, March 14, Hussain Mohamed Salim was driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, when he received a call on... More >>

  • Only Himself to Blame

    published July 30, 1998

    The nomination of Daryl Jones to become Secretary of the Air Force may be dead, but his transmogrification into a martyr -- crucified on a... More >>

  • Don't Call Me a Lobbyist!

    published July 23, 1998

    Toss out the name of any county politician and it's a sure bet Chris Korge has raised money for his or her election campaigns. County... More >>

  • Dog Fight

    published July 16, 1998

    This week Daryl Jones is headed into combat -- Washington-style. In yet another sign that Jones's nomination to become Secretary of the Air Force... More >>

  • Ack-Ack Over Washington

    published June 25, 1998

    As a former fighter pilot, Daryl Jones knows about rocky landings. During routine exercises several years ago, Jones twice in one day scraped the... More >>

  • Tales from the Script

    published June 11, 1998

    Poring over the transcripts of the secret tape recordings compiled by the Dade State Attorney's Office as part of its criminal case against former... More >>

  • Rundle Arrives

    published June 4, 1998

    Last week I chanced upon Humberto Hernandez in the parking lot of Miami City Hall. After some small talk, the commissioner began complaining that... More >>

  • Prestige Politics

    published May 28, 1998

    In Tallahassee he is known as El Mudo -- the mute. When he does speak, his voice barely rises above a whisper as he struggles to piece together... More >>

  • Stealth Indictment

    published May 21, 1998

    Was Miami City Commissioner Art Teele charged with wire fraud last week? Only a few prosecutors know for sure, but there are strong indications... More >>

  • A Plot Thicker Than Asphalt

    published May 21, 1998

    No one knows better than Mario Pons what a glorious document is the U. S. Constitution. Last month the public works employee for the City of Miami... More >>

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