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1996 Stories by Jim DeFede

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  • All Herald BrandsMart

    published December 19, 1996

    A week before Thanksgiving, on Thursday, November 21, the Miami Herald ran a rather laudatory story on the front page of its business section.... More >>

  • The County Bully

    published December 12, 1996

    Seven years ago, while working at a daily newspaper in Spokane, Washington, I met Damon Chapple. He stood only five feet nine inches tall but he... More >>

  • Prisoners and Politics

    published December 5, 1996

    Less than three months ago, on a dazzlingly bright Sunday afternoon, Donald Manning and I stood outside a church in Liberty City discussing the... More >>

  • Deep Inside the Scandal

    published November 21, 1996

    Howard Gary couldn't believe what was happening. Here it was the second day of July, the middle of a glorious summer, a summer in which he was... More >>

  • Arena Winners and Losers: Alex Shoots, Alex Scores!

    published November 14, 1996

    The arena war is over. No more obnoxious commercials. No more slick brochures in the mail. No more annoying telephone calls asking for your... More >>

  • Ten Questions for Micky

    published October 31, 1996

    The Miami Heat has placed me on waivers. In their eyes I am the Rex Chapman of writers. The Rony Seikaly of columnists. The Alan Ogg of newsmen.... More >>

  • The Heat Is Off

    published October 24, 1996

    More than an hour after sunset the temperature inside the gym at Booker T. Washington Middle School is still over 90 degrees. Trapped like most... More >>

  • Ivy League Hucksters!

    published October 10, 1996

    Hello, registrar's office." "Hi, is this the registrar's office at Columbia University?" "Yes, it is." "Well, I was hoping you... More >>

  • Jimmy in the Lion's Den

    published September 26, 1996

    This past Sunday Rev. Cleo Albury, Jr., of the Bible Baptist Church in Liberty City, exhorted his congregation to believe in the power of prayer,... More >>

  • A Tale of Two Mayors

    published August 29, 1996

    Next Tuesday, for the fourth time in their political careers, Maurice Ferre and Xavier Suarez will appear on the same ballot, their futures left... More >>

  • Other People's Money

    published August 22, 1996

    Nothing about Arthur E. Teele, Jr., is simple. He is a black Republican. He is mercurial, Machiavellian, and manic. He is paranoid, but often with... More >>

  • Either Argue or Cut Debate

    published August 15, 1996

    In 1858, when Abraham Lincoln ran against Stephen Douglas for the United States Senate, a series of debates was held across the state of Illinois.... More >>

  • Good Enough for Political Work

    published August 8, 1996

    Sizing up his chances for victory on September 3, County Commissioner Dennis Moss says, "I believe we have done a good enough job in District 9 to... More >>

  • Ambitious to a Fault

    published August 1, 1996

    The defining moment in the political career of Dade County Commissioner Alex Penelas came on April 22, 1993, shortly after he and his colleagues... More >>

  • The Ethnic Chopping Block

    published July 18, 1996

    This was supposed to be Steve Clark's election. Eighteen months ago conventional wisdom held that Clark -- the City of Miami mayor turned Dade... More >>

  • Ethnic Math: How to Get to 75,000

    published July 18, 1996

    ART TEELE: In order to make it to a runoff, Teele's strategy is to capture 80 percent of the black vote (45,000), 25 percent of the Jewish vote... More >>

  • Oops, Sorry, There Will Be No HABDI Investigation

    published July 11, 1996

    On June 27, Sen. John Chafee, a Republican from Rhode Island and chairman of the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee, signed a letter... More >>

  • Why's Everybody Always Pickin' on Me?

    published July 4, 1996

    Poor, poor Micky Arison. You gotta feel for him. How misunderstood he is. How wrong the public has been to judge him so harshly, to question the... More >>

  • As Nasty as They Can Possibly Be

    published July 4, 1996

    The mean season is upon us. The Dade mayor's race is in full swing, a half-dozen county commission seats are up for grabs, and after months of... More >>

  • DeFede

    published June 13, 1996

    In the coming months, the federal government will relocate the headquarters of Radio Marti and Television Marti from their current home in... More >>

  • DeFede

    published June 6, 1996

    By all accounts the fundraiser held a few weeks ago at the Biltmore Hotel for President Bill Clinton was a huge success, as the $1500-a-plate... More >>

  • DeFede

    published May 23, 1996

    A subpoena can be a marvelous thing. Just ask Tony Ridder. For weeks the Knight-Ridder chairman refused to release documents in his possession... More >>

  • Jim DeFede

    Micky Arison is a greedy corporate pig . . . and other observations about big boys and their expensive toys

    published May 9, 1996

    Chapter Nine EGO, EGO EVERYWHERE, AND NOT A DROP OF SENSE Earlier this year, when it looked as though the Miami Heat almost... More >>

  • Micky Arison Is a Greedy Corporate Pig . . . and Other Observations About Backroom Politics and Big-Time Sports

    published May 2, 1996

    Chapter Five THE RETURN OF CRAZY JOE CAROLLO Within hours of his election this past November as a Miami city commissioner, Joe... More >>

  • Union Mad

    published April 4, 1996

    Last Wednesday a group of South Florida labor unions held a press conference announcing a campaign to urge their brethren to cancel their Miami... More >>

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