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1993 Stories by Jim DeFede

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  • The Lights Brigade

    published December 29, 1993

    Five years ago Carmen Carpentieri thought the front yard of his North Miami home looked a little too drab for Christmas, so he bought several... More >>

  • Captain Hook

    published December 22, 1993

    "We're in stealth mode." William Negron cruises down a darkened street, lights off, looking for a 1985 white Mercedes. "There it is," he says. He... More >>

  • Fitz for Sale

    published December 22, 1993

    When Sally Fitz decided to relocate from Miami Beach to Chicago, the veteran WSVN-TV Channel 7 news anchor did what any other red-blooded member... More >>

  • Fesity Is As Fesity Does

    published December 15, 1993

    The press conference was scheduled for a small room in the Rayburn Building, one of several office complexes occupied by members of Congress. Rep.... More >>

  • The Missing Briefcase: Part 2

    published December 8, 1993

    If there was one place Simon Steckel didn't want to be last Wednesday morning, it was Courtroom 3-2 of the Metropolitan Justice Building, where... More >>

  • Sore Winner

    published November 24, 1993

    As Metro commission meetings go, this one was running relatively smoothly. Commissioners had agreed to ask voters to consider a new property tax,... More >>

  • The Further Adventures of Willy and Sal

    published November 10, 1993

    Mario Gonzalez was confident he would never be caught. Indicted in 1989 on federal charges of drug trafficking and weapons violations, he... More >>

  • Tales of the Limp Blimp

    published October 27, 1993

    That a liberal bastion like the New York Times would command Congress to turn off TV Marti came as a surprise to no one. In an editorial... More >>

  • Shopping with the Enemy

    published October 6, 1993

    After only a week in South Florida, Minh Nguyen was pretty much ready to pack it all in and move back to Washington, D.C. On September 20 a thief... More >>

  • John Detrick, 1951-1993

    published September 22, 1993

    Not that anyone outwardly disliked the proprietor of the Americana Bookshop in Coral Gables. (No one we at New Times know of, anyway.) It's just... More >>

  • Newspaper Knuckles Under to Raving Religious Zealot

    published September 1, 1993

    When she read the Miami Herald's June 27 Tropic magazine, the issue with anti-gay crusader Ralf Stores pictured on the cover, Carol Parker knew... More >>

  • Last Writes

    published August 25, 1993

    On May 25, two weeks shy of his 80th birthday, Robert S. decided it was his day to die. He had read Final Exit, the treatise on suicide and how-to... More >>

  • Sweet Charity, Part 1: Two for Tea

    published August 11, 1993

    In less than five months, the tea dance has become an institution. Or at least as much of an institution as anything can be in the mercurial world... More >>

  • In the Line of Firing

    published August 4, 1993

    When Conchy Bretos was recently fired as executive director of the Dade County Commission on the Status of Women, a brief uproar ensued. The... More >>

  • The parents couldn't believe what they were seeing. The children were frightened by what they heard. The staff resented their intrusion. And the school was supposedly a model of racial harmony.

    published July 28, 1993

    For 34 years Lillie C. Evans Elementary had been an all-black school. That changed last year when thirteen Anglo and eighteen Hispanic students,... More >>

  • Mr. Diaz-Balart Goes to Washington

    published July 14, 1993

    As fourth-term Democratic Rep. David Skaggs walked to the podium on the evening of July 1, he was still bristling over the events of the past few... More >>

  • Attack of the Three-Million-Dollar Tumor Removers

    published June 30, 1993

    Since the time of its invention more than a decade ago, the gamma knife has been hailed for its ability to remove brain tumors that are... More >>

  • Score Another Knockdown for Thomas Kramer

    published June 23, 1993

    Just for a moment or two, imagine yourself alongside the renowned architects who were flown in to town this past week by German developer Thomas... More >>

  • Death and Profits

    published June 16, 1993

    In the coming weeks, as the push for health-care reform collides with efforts to reduce the national deficit, one federal program is... More >>

  • A Nice Place to Die

    published June 16, 1993

    The modern hospice movement was born in England as an idea that you should have someone close by as you near death A a helping friend, a caregiver... More >>

  • Over and Out

    published June 9, 1993

    Horses did not eat one another. Pigeons' heads did not spin around and fall off. In all, the world's framework did not disjoint. But as of... More >>

  • Urrrrp!

    published May 5, 1993

    So you're one of those pessimists who say the triumphant era of American business has faded. That the great Yankee entrepreneurial spirit,... More >>

  • Is This Any Way to Run an Airport?

    published April 28, 1993

    By all accounts, Joaquin Avi*o and Rick Elder never worked well together. The county manager had always resented the way Elder, as Dade County... More >>

  • Money Well Spent

    published April 28, 1993

    What a marvelous spectacle it must have been. A concourse filled with several hundred county bureaucrats, tipsy airline executives, and... More >>

  • Save the Toursits! Save the Economy!

    published April 14, 1993

    In Clint Clark's neighborhood, they call it "jacking a tourist." The J-T for short. The media have branded the crime a "smash-and-grab." It boils... More >>

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