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1992 Stories by Jim DeFede

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  • Have Gun, Will Park

    published December 9, 1992

    What first caught Roberto Sobrado's attention was the Mercedes -- that now-legendary blue sedan. But quickly Sobrado's eyes fell to the driver, a... More >>

  • The Scoop That Might Have Been

    published December 2, 1992

    "Miami's WSCV-Channel 51 is riding high these days, with the biggest scoop in the Spanish-language station's seven-year history being picked up by... More >>

  • Shaw 'Nuff

    published November 25, 1992

    Click. Hey, isn't that Walter Shaw on Sally Jessy Raphael's show? Click. And there he is with Montel Williams. Click. And Maury Povich click and... More >>

  • Village People: Part 2

    published November 11, 1992

    If there was one single issue all the candidates for the North Bay Village Commission agreed on, it was that the way to a person's vote was... More >>

  • A Big Wind Blows A Hot Fire

    published October 7, 1992

    When Hurricane Andrew roared through South Florida, it forever changed the way we think about natural disasters and how we expect officials to... More >>

  • What A Differencea Year Makes

    published September 30, 1992

    There is something cruel, and yet almost comical, about the case of Tommie Sikes, an ex-stunt man and cocaine deal maker. From his prison cell,... More >>

  • Down On The Farm

    published September 16, 1992

    Joan Green's story of woe in the wake of Hurricane Andrew is, in many ways, sadly typical of many thousands of South Dade residents and business... More >>

  • Reach Out and Touch Phil Donahue

    published August 12, 1992

    The calls first started coming in about a year ago, taking a confused Dayle Jacobs by surprise. "People would call us and say, `I'd like to make a... More >>

  • Justice Undone, Part 4

    published July 22, 1992

    Bjorn DiMaio is sixteen years old, Anthony Vincent is seventeen. Next Monday, in accordance with Florida law, the two boys will begin serving... More >>

  • Forlorn on the Fourth of July

    published July 15, 1992

    Years ago, when Dean Powell moved to Broward, he swore off Miami for good. In the eyes of the Sixties hippie turned computer-programming yuppie,... More >>

  • Please Mr. Postman

    published July 1, 1992

    Imagine Grandma, up bright and early to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies for little Timmy. She uses big, tasty semisweet chocolate chips and... More >>

  • Up the Creed Without a Pad

    published July 1, 1992

    For the past two weeks South Beach sun worshippers have had to enjoy the surf and sand the way the early settlers did -- without colorfully... More >>

  • Oh, My God, That's Me!

    published June 17, 1992

    At first blush, Kelly Vitolo would seem to be the perfect choice to model for Mary Kay Cosmetics. So when the stunning face that has graced... More >>

  • Justice Undone: Part 3

    published June 10, 1992

    Sixteen-year-old Bjorn DiMaio and seventeen-year-old Anthony Vincent have not killed anyone, but this Monday, June 15, they are scheduled to stand... More >>

  • Mister Frank's Neighborhood

    published May 27, 1992

    Frank Decker walks through the small cottage behind his house, shaking his head. Everywhere he turns, there's more disappointment - a busted fan,... More >>

  • Is That a Badge in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

    published May 13, 1992

    Let's be honest about this. Ladies, have you ever gone to a nightclub with the notion of sashaying into some man's life and persuading him to buy... More >>

  • Justice Undone: Part 2

    published April 22, 1992

    Dade State Attorney Janet Reno, acknowledging that her office made mistakes in the way it handled the investigation of a North Miami teen-ager's... More >>

  • The Kids

    published April 15, 1992

    The months leading up to the shooting were difficult for Andrew Morello and his three companions in the van. Morello had been cutting classes at... More >>

  • Death of Andrew Morello

    published April 15, 1992

    In the split second it took Laura Russell to squeeze the trigger on her 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol, Andrew Morello's fate was sealed. Russell, an... More >>

  • The System

    published April 15, 1992

    Defense attorneys say they wouldn't be surprised if the Morello inquest was incomplete and one-sided. The proceedings are inherently flawed, they... More >>

  • The Cops

    published April 15, 1992

    Laura Russell is a nine-year-veteran of the Metro-Dade Police Department, a decorated officer with dozens of commendations in her personnel file.... More >>

  • Semi-Tough Luck

    published March 18, 1992

    Three weeks shy of his 50th birthday, Jim Chambers could still move pretty quickly. As he set out across the field, the knees that had forced him... More >>

  • The Further Adventures of Willy and Sal

    published March 11, 1992

    Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta didn't climb to the highest echelons of the drug world by sitting on their duffs and letting life pass them by. They... More >>

  • The Rearranging of the Guard

    published March 11, 1992

    When Dexter Lehtinen resigned suddenly this past January 13 from his post as South Florida's U.S. Attorney, prosecutors past and present joined... More >>

  • They Owned the Ranch

    published February 12, 1992

    Smuggling cocaine into the United States wasn't Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta's only business venture. According to federal agents, the pair was... More >>

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