• @jesssswan
    15 June, 2018

    RT @derrikjlang: What's in and out this summer? The Fab 5 from @netflix's @QueerEye share what they love (and loathe) in @AmericanAir's #Am

  • @jesssswan
    12 June, 2018

    If we’re being totally honest, @TheEmeryco is the kind of creep-free workplace every woman needs https://t.co/GzzFvYOZ2G

  • @jesssswan
    11 June, 2018

    it’s unsettling how a birthday can shake all the cockroaches in your life from their hiding places

  • @jesssswan
    8 June, 2018

    RT @Ryan_Pfefferoni: God I loved Anthony Bourdain. A thrilling writer and perfect host. He made me want to live in every city he visited an…

  • @jesssswan
    5 June, 2018

    if i didn’t have deadlines, i don’t know how i’d find the time to clean my room, put all my laundry away AND change my sheets


Jess Swanson

Jess Swanson

Jess Swanson is a contributing writer at New Times. She graduated from the University of Miami and has a Master's Degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism.

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