• @jesssswan
    21 November, 2017

    RT @derrikjlang: As the newest Miamian on #AmericanWay editorial team, this was a really fun excuse to eat, drink, shop and sleep my way ac…

  • @jesssswan
    18 November, 2017

    @sgaffney1968 https://t.co/VsFPNyMtAa message me for more info!

  • @jesssswan
    22 October, 2017

    RT @meaganrosae: being a writer is like always having a paper due for your next class and you havent written it yet

  • @jesssswan
    18 October, 2017

    If I had a nickel for every time.. Oh wait! https://t.co/vPWHjidZUl

  • @jesssswan
    10 October, 2017

    RT @mindykaling: Why is it helpful men speak up? Bc that's what this personality fears most: the disintegration of the tacit male support f…


Jess Swanson

Jess Swanson

Jess Swanson is a contributing writer at New Times. She graduated from the University of Miami and has a Master's Degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism.

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