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  • 9 years ago | Concerts

    Davila 666 is Puerto Rico's answer to the Black Lips — these delirious rockers possess their Atlanta brethren's ability to come off like crazy little shits who'd ace rock history quizzes. These triple-sixers filter three decades of scuffed-u...

  • 12 years ago | Reviews

    Remember the first time you heard the Pixies classic "Where Is My Mind?"? It condensed the euphoria of cutting anchor and sailing into the abyss into a four-minute pop song. Now Jay Reatard (that Memphis garage-punker from the Lost Sounds, the Ret...

  • 12 years ago

    Writer's block's a bitch. But the effect is twice as evil if you do most of your work alone (solo artists, graphic designers, freelance writers; we've all felt it). When the pool of ideas is bone-dry, you've just got to ride out that drought until...


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