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1997 Stories by Jen Karetnick

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  • New World Conceit

    published December 25, 1997

    After I read the latest article to extol Miami's New World restaurants -- a spread in the November issue of Gourmet magazine -- I thought (and not... More >>

  • Din and Dinner

    published December 18, 1997

    I remember standing in front of an open refrigerator, scanning the packed contents and yelling, "Mom, there's nothing to eat in here!" ... More >>

  • Great Taste, Less Filling

    published December 11, 1997

    Wander down Ocean Drive, stop for a bite at the Terrace, the outdoor cafe at the Tides, and you'll be treated to an experience much like any other... More >>

  • Busman's Holiday

    published December 4, 1997

    'Tis the season to start dreading the holidays. Commercial warfare is on, tinsel and tacky lights are up, and hollow good cheer abounds, soon to... More >>

  • The Spanish Imposition

    published November 27, 1997

    When a restaurant makes the evening news, it's usually something you'd just as soon not hear about: a fire, a shooting in the parking lot, a... More >>

  • A Night at Provence

    published November 20, 1997

    Every year, whether I'm teaching elementary school or college English, I ask the same question on the first day of class: Do you read? And every... More >>

  • Go Fish

    published November 13, 1997

    I'm not a diehard baseball fan. Not that I've got anything against America's pastime, or that it completely fails to interest me. I occasionally... More >>

  • Grill Crazy

    published November 6, 1997

    Last week I had one of those head colds no Comtrex can touch. My sinuses were so swollen that I felt like a river after the spring melt. I pulled... More >>

  • Balans of Power

    published October 30, 1997

    I've been married for a while now, but I still remember the combination of expectation and dread brought on by a blind date. The opening of the... More >>

  • Use Your Noodle

    published October 23, 1997

    In a city filled with Italian restaurants, distinguishing yourself from your competition is a tough task. After all, every Italian worth his... More >>

  • Mideast Peace

    published October 16, 1997

    I hate being overheard in restaurants. One day at Sushi Hana, where the tables are ridiculously close together, I was telling my in-laws an... More >>

  • Bean There, Done That

    published October 9, 1997

    One scene from the comedy film The In-Laws has etched itself firmly in my memory: An elderly gentleman is sitting in the dentist's chair, arguing... More >>

  • A New Altitude

    published October 2, 1997

    Over dinner one night, my husband and I talked about how we'd divide our possessions if we got divorced. (Nothing like a pessimist planning for... More >>

  • The New, True Blue

    published September 25, 1997

    False expectations can ruin a perfectly good evening. Take for example a recent dinner my husband and I had in New York. My sister... More >>

  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Tandoor

    published September 18, 1997

    "If I don't get proper Indian food for a week, I get right sick." Demonstrating her point, Jaz, a friend from London whose parents emigrated from... More >>

  • Grace and Bounty

    published September 11, 1997

    I'm too spooked to jog around town any more, and it's not because I ran past Versace's house mere minutes before he was murdered. (By the time I... More >>

  • Thai Rocks, Sushi Rolls

    published September 4, 1997

    As his health failed, William S. Burroughs wrote solely in his journal, passages about how his life had been lived (with excess) and how it would... More >>

  • Dress-Down Bliss

    published August 28, 1997

    I'm a notorious slob. Hand me the mail and I'll drop it on the stairs; buy me an expensive evening gown and I'll hang it on the StairMaster; dirty... More >>

  • Winner Schnitzel

    published August 21, 1997

    These days honest-to-goodness mom-and-pop restaurants seem about as endangered as family values. For one thing, there are fewer and fewer... More >>

  • Good Grief

    published August 14, 1997

    "I read the review you got in New Times," my husband said to the owner of Oasis Cafe a few months ago as he placed a take-out order. "You must be... More >>

  • Duval Street Jag

    published August 7, 1997

    I have a recurring nightmare about an all-you-can-eat buffet. I enter a dark, two-story building, whereupon a grim hostess shoves a... More >>

  • High Rollin'

    published July 31, 1997

    I got my first taste of caviar-and-champagne life on my honeymoon. The hubby and I flew to a gorgeous Puerto Rican luxury beach resort for ten... More >>

  • Med Fly in the Ointment

    published July 24, 1997

    To say that Mark Militello's closing of his landmark North Miami restaurant was a surprise would be fair. Though his publicist Barbara Raichlen... More >>

  • C'est Magnifique!

    published July 17, 1997

    Miami has plenty of pretty good international restaurants. (Some are even great.) What's missing are authentic French bistros. Places like Le... More >>

  • Two if by Sea

    published July 10, 1997

    FADE IN: INT. TOWNHOUSE LIVING ROOM -- LATE AFTERNOON (JUNE) The sun streams through a west window, highlighting contemporary wicker... More >>

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