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1994 Stories by Jen Karetnick

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  • Gloom Service

    published December 29, 1994

    Restaurants in large airport or convention hotels have a virtually unshakable reputation for being mediocre, a taint that makes them unlikely to... More >>

  • Hello, Good Buy

    published December 22, 1994

    If restaurateurs chant the same mantra as real estate agents -- location, location, location -- then Cafe Tango is on unstable ground. The... More >>

  • Second Strong

    published October 5, 1994

    Most Miamians feel proprietary about Mark Militello, the New World cuisine pioneer who has presided over Mark's Place in North Miami since 1988,... More >>

  • Moonlight Smile

    published September 28, 1994

    Baseball season may be over for the rest of the nation, but it just started in Cutler Ridge. Doc Graham's Taproom & Eatery, which made its... More >>

  • Hangin' with Mr. and Ms. Cooper

    published September 21, 1994

    I find it fitting that very few of Miami's top chefs and restaurateurs were actually born here. Even those chefs who embrace New World cuisine,... More >>

  • The Mean Season

    published September 14, 1994

    You wouldn't know it by the weather, but autumn is approaching. The biggest clue: the department stores and boutiques, which all feature... More >>

  • Eatin' Allen's

    published September 7, 1994

    People often compare New World cuisine restaurants Chef Allen's and Mark's Place. The reasons are fairly obvious. Both rank consistently as... More >>

  • Yes They Clan

    published August 31, 1994

    Unruly children can be the bane of a restaurateur's existence. Not surprisingly, some restaurants ban kids altogether, a policy that is... More >>

  • The Flawed Couple

    published August 24, 1994

    Years ago my family frequented a restaurant that was actually two in one. Same owners, same kitchen, but the right side served Chinese food, the... More >>

  • Here's the Beef

    published August 16, 1994

    Forget hot dogs. Forgo chicken. And deep-six that undersize dolphin you caught in the bay. Summertime means steak: flavorful flank, roasted rump,... More >>

  • Nuevo Cuban, Old Faithful

    published August 10, 1994

    On Thursday nights I watch TV. Sit-coms, to be precise. There, I've confessed. An almost-comatose couch boniato, I munch from a bag of chips and... More >>

  • Tortilla Flats

    published August 3, 1994

    After a disquieting clip in the Herald and a few subsequent days of radio and TV news factoids about the health horrors associated with... More >>

  • Where the Grilles Are

    published July 26, 1994

    In the June 30 issue of the Wine Spectator, food writer John Mariani claimed that Miami's "overly hyped restaurant scene is" To... More >>

  • Doo-wah Didier's

    published July 20, 1994

    Health experts advise that establishing a solid relationship with your physician is vital to maintaining your health. So I treat my doctor to... More >>

  • Ocean Specific

    published July 13, 1994

    Animal-rights activists make poor dining companions. They boycott tuna for the dolphins and shrimp for the sea turtles. They object to chicken,... More >>

  • Bite and Switch

    published July 6, 1994

    Revitalizing a restaurant is one of the most difficult tasks a proprietor faces. Once a place earns any kind of a reputation (good or bad), it's... More >>

  • Nothing Could Be Finer

    published June 29, 1994

    Though I hadn't thought much about eminent domain since I learned about it in the sixth grade, the term took on new life for me when the... More >>

  • La Dolce Feeder

    published June 22, 1994

    South Beach's high-profile, high-price restaurants are scared. Facing the summer after a slow-starting and not particularly profitable season,... More >>

  • Fantastic Voyeur

    published June 15, 1994

    I take a surreptitious interest in watching my dinner guests eat, if for no other reason than the fact that I enjoy people who also love food. So... More >>

  • Go Fish

    published June 8, 1994

    According to a recent issue of a la carte, a food-industry newsletter, American consumers choose French restaurants over any other. Though by and... More >>

  • Counter Surveillance

    published May 25, 1994

    Emily Post probably wouldn't have enjoyed dining with me. Oh, I can etiquettize with the best of them, elbows off the table, napkin on my lap,... More >>

  • Well in Hand

    published May 18, 1994

    Thanks to an uncommon surname, I'm a target for small-world coincidences. Handy players of Jewish Geography easily mark me as the daughter of a... More >>

  • Once Britain, Twice Shy

    published May 11, 1994

    In a capitalist system competition allows the strong to prosper and the weak to fall by the wayside. Thus an aspiring restaurateur might gamble on... More >>

  • High Kulcha

    published May 4, 1994

    Of all the ethnic cuisines popularly available in the U.S., Indian seems to be the least appreciated and the most misunderstood. Nowhere is this... More >>

  • Moving Targets

    published April 27, 1994

    For the past six months, Coral Gables eateries have been playing the restaurant version of leap-frog, musical chairs, and hide-and-seek. Didier's... More >>

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