Jeanne DeQuine

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  • 16 years ago | Restaurant Reviews

    My most memorable dining experiences often have occurred outdoors, which doesn't mean on the patio. There was that chardonnay and chilled oysters experience out in the Everglades one sunset; or the simple yet perfect taste of a sliced mango in a P...

  • 16 years ago | Restaurant Reviews

    In terms of cultural crossovers, few cities have got anything over Miami. There is, of course, the music, which often mixes Latin, Afro-Caribbean, and rock roots. And the city's two primary tongues, which for better or worse have produced hybrids ...

  • 16 years ago | Restaurant Reviews

    In Coconut Grove, where commerce and nature have wrestled over square footage for decades, The Last Carrot juice bar remains a tribute to hipper, or hippier, days. Those would be the Seventies, when "the Grove" implied folksingers, incense, McGove...


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