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  • 19 years ago

    There's nothing quite like the end of a millennium to bring about an era of artistic retrospection. Although this has been the trend in all the arts lately, it has been especially apparent in the jazz world. As the deaths of nearly all the pioneer...

  • 19 years ago

    The word "cool" connotes many things, but when singer Cassandra Wilson uses it to describe her musical approach, she has a specific reference in mind. "I speak about coolness in terms of the Yoruba definition," Wilson elucidates. "It's a word that...

  • 20 years ago

    "I've always been an orchestral player and an orchestral thinker. I don't even allow people to bill me as trio anymore, because it's too limiting," says 68-year-old pianist Ahmad Jamal. Coming from just about anyone else, this might be considered ...


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