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  • New Year's Eve Listings

    published December 27, 2007

    Wanna know what to do New Year's Eve? Read on. You'll find 170-plus possibilities. So drink hearty and party heartier. More >>

  • New Year's Eve Listings

    published December 20, 2007

    Wanna know what to do New Year's Eve? Read on. You'll find 170-plus possibilities. So drink hearty, party heartier, and look for... More >>

  • Have Yourself a Nastie Little Christmas

    published December 20, 2007

    They say the suicide rate increases at yuletide, and you believe it as you walk the lonely streets of downtown Miami, kicking an empty soda can.... More >>

  • Nastie's Nice

    published December 13, 2007

    If you're a local musician, or even just a dedicated showgoer, chances are that you are familiar with the man known as Notorious Nastie ( More >>

  • Bigg Pimpin'

    published December 13, 2007

    You shoulda been with me last Saturday. I was at Diddy's house for his birthday out on Star Island," says local music impresario Bigg D. He... More >>

  • The Juggalos Are Coming!

    published December 13, 2007

    Fans of makeup-wearing nu-metal rappers Insane Clown Posse (ICP) are known as Juggalos. In ICP’s song, “What Is a Juggalo,” the... More >>

  • What Is He Smoking?

    published December 6, 2007

    Hallelujah! Finally a local wing-nut has put together a multimedia art exhibit based on conspiracy theories and paranoia. Artist Victor-Hugo... More >>

  • Speed Demons

    published November 29, 2007

    The thunderous sound resonates like a swarm of killer bees buzzing around your head. The motorbikes assembled -- participants in the Motorcycle... More >>

  • Ho, Ho, Ho

    published November 22, 2007

    As the snowbirds begin to land, our subtropical winter wonderland jams with traffic – and holiday cheer. Family and friends will not want to... More >>

  • Piss and Vinegar

    published November 8, 2007

    The story of Against Me! begins in the small college town of Gainesville, Florida, in 1997. There then-17-year-old Tom Gabel would play his... More >>

  • The Power of MySpace

    published November 8, 2007

    MySpace is a beautiful thing. You can check out your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s recent blog about how he hates your guts. Then you... More >>

  • Macho Men

    published November 1, 2007

    Since their inception in 1977, the Village People have sold more than 85 million albums and singles. With omnipresent hits like "YMCA," "Macho... More >>

  • The Genitorturers

    published October 25, 2007

    In 2004, Hustler magazine named the Genitorturers "world's sexiest rock band." It was about time: Throughout most of the Nineties, you... More >>

  • Kid Rock

    published October 18, 2007

    In this month's Penthouse magazine, 36-year-old Bob Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock, is asked about the title of his latest album,... More >>

  • Fingerlickin’ Good

    published October 18, 2007

    Remember that great mid-Nineties pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana -- Operation: Cliff Clavin? That’s right, named for the postal... More >>

  • New Wave’s for All Ages

    published October 4, 2007

    God bless ’em. Hernando and Sylvia Pineres are both 85 years of age, and they have been married for 61 years. Six kids and 15 grandchildren... More >>

  • Son Is Shining

    published October 4, 2007

    With signature dreads, gold chains around his neck, and a tattoo of his father on his right arm, Ky-mani Marley strikes a presence that is... More >>

  • Play for a Fortune

    published September 27, 2007

    The most precious thing in the world is the financial security and well-being of your family. You want to send your little ones to the best... More >>

  • The Ultimate Miami Physical Challenge

    published September 20, 2007

    It’s the crack of dawn on a Sunday. You’re wide awake, and you feel like doing something crazy. You need to channel that energy into a... More >>

  • I Get Money

    published September 13, 2007

    Does cash rule everything around you? Are you ready to take your hustle to the next level? If you answered yes to either question, you don’t... More >>

  • Fortunate Son?

    published September 6, 2007

    Ky-mani might very well be the forgotten Marley. One of countless children of the late, great Bob, he saw his release Many More Roads... More >>

  • Make It Rain

    published August 30, 2007

    Inside Club Dream on August 21, the pressure was palpable. The Miami Beach night spot had been converted into the set of a $150,000 music video... More >>

  • Musical Magic

    published August 30, 2007

    There is an underground community of local musicians that is experimenting to create a new form of music. The mission: to blend the music of the... More >>

  • Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wave

    published August 23, 2007

    As we enter peak hurricane season, our restless surfer community happily anticipates the approaching storms. This kind of weather promises big... More >>

  • Rollin' with the Holy

    published August 16, 2007

    If you are a Miami native and you love hip-hop from the 305, then you know Slip-N-Slide Records. Named Best Independent Record Label by Miami... More >>

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