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  • 25 years ago

    Some forms of creative expression never receive the respect they deserve. In humor, it's the clever pun or play on words that, however ingenious its construction, seldom earns more than a begrudging groan of acknowledgment. In the world of pictori...

  • 25 years ago

    If working jazz musicians had to depend on audiences consisting of only intensely serious record collectors and historians, professional critics, and other musicians eager to cop their stuff, sit in, and perhaps nail the job for themselves, no one...

  • 25 years ago

    Just like every other species that has survived through natural selection, so has the collector of jazz recordings. Contemporary observers claim to have spotted prototypes of this creature as far back as the early Twenties, when King Oliver, Louis...

  • 25 years ago

    To those born within the past 30 years or so it must come as a stunning shock to learn that rock did not always rule the land, much less demand consideration as a viable force in the world of entertainment. But once this white-dominated exploitati...

  • 26 years ago

    While the thought of actually listening to a real jazz band doing what it does best might seem to be the biggest drag imaginable to the majority of today's music consumers, it is the very lifeblood of others. We read the general press, the trade j...


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