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2006 Stories by Isnel Othello

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  • Smacking Their Bliss Up

    published March 23, 2006

    According to frontman Liam Hewlett, people have the Prodigy all wrong. Hewlett laments about how the media struggle to categorize the trio,... More >>

  • Hustlin' Gets You Signed

    published February 23, 2006

    Ted Lucas, CEO of Slip-N-Slide Records, must be asking himself why he let slip away the artist who caused a bidding war between Def Jam Records... More >>

  • DJ Colette

    published January 19, 2006

    Though DJ Colette is unmistakably beautiful, it is her talent on the turntables that attracts hordes of clubbers who flock to her concerts. The... More >>

Archives: 2006 | 2005