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  • 9 years ago | Longform

    Kathryn Fernandez doesn't leave home much. She rents a tiny room in a tiny dilapidated Hialeah house overrun by cats and garbage. Her bedroom is somewhat cleaner but acrid with the smell of smoke. Half-empty packs of Broncos litter the floor, and ...

  • 9 years ago | Bikes

    Good news! Last week, we wrote that the City of Miami is looking at places they can refit to be accommodating to bicycles. The Bike Blog plugged a few ideas, in particular Coral Way, which is up for resurfacing soon – a great opportunity to ...

  • 9 years ago | Longform

    I. It Came from Outer Space Right off the bat, something was wrong. She was bleach-blond, for one thing, in a tight, skimpy tank top, with more tinsel hanging off of her than a Christmas tree. A tattoo of a butterfly poked up from the back of her ...

  • 9 years ago

    CULTURE The Sex Doll Diaries Artist brings her silicone twin to town for one last romp. By Janine Zeitlin On May 15, Amber Hawk Swanson spent her final day on South Beach with her sex doll. The 27-year-old multimedia artist lounged near Collins Av...

  • 9 years ago | Longform

    Lance Stelzer is, by his own account, a "single, honest, 'nice Jewish boy' lawyer." He likes sports, religion, and rare orchids — his flowers have won prizes. But his life hasn't all been a pleasant romp through the greenhouse: The 58-year-o...

  • 10 years ago | Bikes

    The city of Miami's Bicycle Action Committee is currently working on two maps, one that would be a kind of “user map” and the other a “future bike routes” map. The first of the two, a map showing current bike facilities in ...


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