• @samurai_piggy
    21 June, 2018

    IT’S A TRAPPE! 🍺🐷🏝 ➖ This heavy hitting tripel comes to you from @MIAbeerco ; with 10% ABV, it’s spiced, crisp tast… https://t.co/Gd4jXpQ3Vt

  • @samurai_piggy
    20 June, 2018

    I’M GOIN NUTS FOR THIS DRINK! 🥃🐷🥜 ➖ This might be one of my new favorite drinks. It’s called “Goin’ Nuts!!!” By… https://t.co/UJtzfpOvr2

  • @samurai_piggy
    19 June, 2018

    ... AND TIME WON’T WAIT FOR ME! 🍺🐷 🕐 ➖ Had this amazing 14% ABV Imperial Stout from @anchoragebrew ; it was aged in… https://t.co/WgWgvBHDyt

  • @samurai_piggy
    18 June, 2018

    WHISPER SWEET NOTHINGS INTO MY EAR. 🍺🐷🤫 Got the chance to try @TheTankBrewing Zymurgy #2 which is their second roun… https://t.co/EX2wr2kYch

  • @samurai_piggy
    15 June, 2018

    I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD! 🍺🐷👳🏽‍♀️✈️ This 7.0% ABV IPA by @Brand_Bier will definitely take you to new places. Citrus… https://t.co/OYmWrCWifD


Haidar Hachem


Haidar Hachem is a type 1 diabetic and cancer survivor who lives his life by running long distances (in Speedos) and drinking beer. He is a brewery/beer reviewer and is on his way to becoming Cicerone-certified. Cheers!

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