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  • Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

    published December 21, 2000

    This cinematic bonbon has all the ingredients required to spin an audience into the throes of fuzzy warmheartedness -- the hope, the compassion,... More >>

  • Sexual Reeling

    published December 14, 2000

    Assessing the merits of Quills, the lusty new feature by director Philip Kaufman (Henry and June), it's tempting to seek... More >>

  • Up and Down

    published November 30, 2000

    If the concept of that dubious celebrity Ben Affleck romping in a water park with cinematic darling Gwyneth Paltrow and two adorable moppets does... More >>

  • Stand Blimey

    published November 23, 2000

    So many elements make up a boyhood, from joyful laughter and games, to purloined porno mags and pointless aggression, to the scary realization... More >>

  • A Snooze Runs Through It

    published November 9, 2000

    Gopher. Explosives. Gopher ... explosives. Gopher! Explosives! There. Now you know exactly what was running through this critic's... More >>

  • American Ply

    published November 2, 2000

    To put it mildly, it is uncomfortable and embarrassing to have one's cynical ass whipped by a huge hulking Hallmark card, and this is exactly the... More >>

  • A Star Is Björk

    published October 5, 2000

    The video camera and the chaos of the modern world have given Lars von Trier the opportunity to make us all seasick while self-indulgently... More >>

  • Blades of Passion

    published September 28, 2000

    According to Patrice Leconte, women live to be vulnerable, men thrive when they are in command, and the two genders can only find happy fusion... More >>

  • Gender Bent

    published September 28, 2000

    It takes a special kind of mindset to celebrate castration, and audiences confusing feminine empowerment with the crude hacking off of seemingly... More >>

  • Men with Men

    published September 14, 2000

    By day they drive their rippling torsos beneath the blinding desert sun, pausing intermittently to gaze sexily into the distance. By night they... More >>

  • Loving the Alien

    published September 14, 2000

    So a Jew and a Christian walk into the economically challenged valleys of Wales ... No, it's not a joke -- not until the absurd, maudlin third... More >>

  • Double Fantasy

    published September 7, 2000

    Humans and their stories, my oh my. Somehow the familiar themes just keep coming around, ad infinitum. Of course most of them already have been... More >>

  • Lust in the Dust

    published August 24, 2000

    Be cool, get chicks.” While that's paraphrased and boiled down, it's nonetheless the essential creed of Dex (Donal Logue), the corpulen... More >>

  • Fakin' Bacon

    published August 3, 2000

    There are many, many productive paths a bright, ambitious young fellow can pursue in America. He can, for instance, start a mediocre rock band and... More >>

  • I See Dull People!

    published July 27, 2000

    Rather than asking if this senseless and expensive new film from wunderkind entertainer Robert Zemeckis is devoid of merit (it is), or “wort... More >>

  • Private Defective

    published July 20, 2000

    Murphy and Pryor. Skywalker and Kenobi. Amos and Zeppelin. Regardless of the creative universe, the maverick apprentice tends to stride off into... More >>

  • Faith of the Father

    published June 8, 2000

    So, when was the last time you shared a woman with your dad? No, not your mom -- don't be gross. You know, just some woman who you and your... More >>

  • Young Guns

    published June 1, 2000

    Apart from mass cultural annihilation, Beatniks, Hee Haw, some dumb-ass sports, and the freak shows of Brentwood, most pop-culture trends... More >>

  • Love Sick

    published May 18, 2000

    To begin let us discuss puking. You know, upchucking, barfing, yacking, Technicolor yawning. Always unpleasant -- and yet usually a great relief... More >>

  • The Goddaughters

    published May 4, 2000

    Everybody is a princess at one point or another. Rich girls work it from birth to final crackup. Bourgeois girls play the... More >>

  • Life Swapping

    published April 20, 2000

    Although its themes are about as revelatory as those of the average Cathy comic strip (clothes don't fit, job too busy, male not... More >>

  • Turning Japanese

    published March 23, 2000

    The gun is a coward's weapon -- always has been, always will be. Likening it to the sword is like equating rape with romance. For reasons that... More >>

  • From Titipu, with Love

    published January 27, 2000

    The evening of March 14, 1885, was an auspicious one in the annals of musical theater. Less than four years had passed since the opening of... More >>

  • Sob Story

    published January 20, 2000

    Boo hoo! Frank McCourt had a miserable childhood! Honestly who can say their childhood wasn't impoverished in some way ... or in many ways?... More >>

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