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  • Gamblin Man

    published December 15, 2005

    Frankly we don’t mind so much the state’s recent clampdown on poker tournaments that press the boundaries of the gambling statutes with... More >>

  • Deck the Hulls

    published December 8, 2005

    It is now the festive time of year, the time of open bars and buffets, visits and vacations, decorations and decadence. In Phoenix and Houston and... More >>

  • Lizard Breadth

    published December 8, 2005

    A big room full of activity, money changing hands, and hordes of snakes, lizards, and other creepy-crawlies. Where are you? No, not city hall.... More >>

  • Selected Events for the Week of November 3

    published November 3, 2005

    THU 3 Owing to Hurricane Wilma, stuff is a mess, stress is high, and nothing is stable, so you should probably call to verify the... More >>

  • Rasin da Roof

    published November 3, 2005

    When considering things Haitian, the first lesson is that spelling doesn't count for much. Consider Rasin Festival, the annual blowout... More >>

  • Feelin' Irie

    published October 27, 2005

    Since its inception, reggae has often been tied to politics, and many, including the promoters of the Family Reggae Festival, see the music... More >>

  • Rowing Dragons, Lacking Tigers

    published October 20, 2005

    Note: Owing to Hurricane Wilma, many of this weekend's events have been postponed or canceled. Please call ahead to confirm. The sight... More >>

  • Rock for Relief

    published October 13, 2005

    From the New Times Department of Philosophy, Division of Metaphysics, an answer to the eternal question of why a benevolent God would... More >>

  • Bird Bash

    published September 29, 2005

    Seagulls and pelicans come to mind when considering the winged wonders of the Florida Keys, but the area also boasts the largest transient... More >>

  • Latino Sluggers

    published September 15, 2005

    Back when Saturday Night Live was still watchable and before political correctness infected the national discourse, this comment by the... More >>

  • Sea Harmony

    published July 7, 2005

    What good clean fun: gathering at a splendid subtropical vista to enjoy music. No, not exceptional for South Florida, where any activity can be... More >>

  • Fishing for Competence

    published April 7, 2005

    Right, there's nothing at all notable about Miamians going fishing in April. By the boatloads, sure. In fact the legislature is languaging... More >>

  • Benefits of Grass

    published March 17, 2005

    A slight rustle of saw grass and incessant belches of frogs provide a gentle soundtrack, lulling the Everglades explorer, allowing the natural... More >>

  • Maximum Partying Capacity

    published March 10, 2005

    After more than a quarter-century at the fore of festivals, Carnaval Miami's main event, the Calle Ocho Festival, should be familiar... More >>

  • Beach Blanket Fandango

    published March 3, 2005

    The year is 3005. A history professor is lecturing telepathically to his class about ancient history (imagine the words to be pulses from... More >>

  • Big Boats MeanBig Docks

    published February 17, 2005

    So there was this Miamian named José who thought that it would be a joy to buy a boat and take full advantage of South Florida's aquatic... More >>

  • Ugly Beautiful

    published January 20, 2005

    Through three well-regarded bands, a half-dozen releases, and countless live shows, Rhett (who only uses one name), like so many Miamians born to... More >>

  • Bong-Hit Benefit

    published January 20, 2005

    You've heard the arguments against America's tragic prohibition of marijuana: how pot was only made illegal to protect the profits of corporate... More >>

  • Danny Jessup Awards

    published January 13, 2005

    "The girls always looks good" has been Danny Jessup's credo since the early Nineties, when he used the back of a real-estate office in Miami... More >>

  • Horse So Fine

    published January 6, 2005

    SAT 1/8 Paso Fino horses are born with a unique and graceful four-beat lateral gait which is smooth for the rider and beautiful to... More >>

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