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1995 Stories by Georgina Cardenas

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  • Welcome to Their Nightmare

    published December 14, 1995

    "I'm very much opposed to Christian fascism and people listening to everything Christianity has to say," expounds vocalist, lyricist, and... More >>

  • Nightclub Jitters

    published November 30, 1995

    South Beach alt-rock quartet Muse recently signed a multialbum recording deal with Lava, a subsidiary of industry behemoth Atlantic Records. The... More >>

  • The Band That Painted the Scene Day-Glo

    published November 16, 1995

    The first thing you notice is the gleaming and colorful clothing. Orange and silver vinyl, red leather, psychedelic swirls on thrift-store... More >>

  • KMFDM Blows Your Top

    published October 26, 1995

    "Day after day, innocent people are being deported, interrogated, and tortured," Sascha Konietzko yells through a bullhorn in KMFDM's "Terror," a... More >>

  • Nightclub Jitters

    published October 5, 1995

    Cheers, the SW Seventeenth Avenue lesbian bar that has featured punk bands two nights a week (Thursday and Saturday) for the last year,... More >>

  • Setting a Fine Example

    published September 21, 1995

    Jack Vigliatura sat alone at a tiny table at the Stephen Talkhouse, wearing a tricornered Paul Revere hat and big white sunglasses, dressed for... More >>

  • 'Head Strong

    published September 7, 1995

    When divers come up from the depths of the ocean too quickly, they risk getting the bends, a painful and potentially fatal condition caused by... More >>

  • Bliss on This

    published July 20, 1995

    Fireworks boom and crackle outside, smoke fills the streets, and bottle rockets emblematic of revolutionary bombs burst in the air. Inside, four... More >>

  • Seldom Seen, Often Heard

    published July 13, 1995

    Thanks to the regional college radio success of their single, "I'm Beautiful," the Wilcoxes have gained a reputation among local scenesters for... More >>

  • Now for Some Good Muse

    published June 1, 1995

    Artists and musicians, even those regarded by most as unorthodox, sometimes choose to do things by the book. But if the South Beach-based band... More >>

  • Hall the Way

    published January 12, 1995

    Even one listen to his My Love, Sex, and Spirit CD reveals James Hall to be another moody British pop auteur, crooning and posing in decadent... More >>

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