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  • Victoria's Secret

    published December 29, 2011

    Until the '60s, censorship guidelines known as the Hays Code forbade films from depicting life in all of its true, sexual, cross-dressing... More >>

  • Girl Talk

    published December 22, 2011

    In novelist Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking, a memoir about grieving, the protagonist receives a letter from a friend that... More >>

  • Feminist Love Triangles

    published December 15, 2011

    A woman desiring, pursuing, and having enjoyable sex with multiple men is just another Sex and the City rerun in today's world. But back in... More >>

  • Waking Up

    published December 15, 2011

    A sad, dormant woman who just lies around, waiting to be brought to life by a knight in shining armor? That never really flowed with our feminist... More >>

  • Basel Fairy Tale

    published November 24, 2011

    Imagine Cinderella as a young art junkie in vintage glass slippers instead of a disempowered anti-feminist who ruined the acceptance rate of... More >>

  • Retro Formal

    published November 10, 2011

    This party has the makings of pretty much everything we love: dressing like a Napoleon Dynamite love interest, posing awkwardly for Glamour... More >>

  • Live From New York

    published October 27, 2011

    Ana Gasteyer had roles in Seinfeld and Mean Girls and starred in Broadway shows such as The Rocky Horror Show and... More >>

  • Last Tango in Cuba

    published October 20, 2011

    In the ’60s, when Diego El Cigala was a child helping his Spanish gypsy parents make a living from tablao to tablao (flamenco clubs),... More >>

  • Monster Mayhem

    published October 13, 2011

    On any given day, a costume party in Miami featuring an open bar is likely to end up a zoo of fratty, howling hyenas and sloppy, drunken pigs. So... More >>

  • Mercury Rising

    published September 29, 2011

    Like the rugged (and recently romanticized) favelas that sit on the edges of shiny, fancy gated communities in Brazil, Daniela... More >>

  • Beckett Gone Green

    published September 1, 2011

    Is anyone else feeling freaked out by East Coast earthquakes and Europe-size hurricanes that reach all the way to Canada? Not to be alarmists or... More >>

  • Wave Riders

    published August 25, 2011

    Catching an indie European flick can be a refreshing reprieve from Hollywood. Actors look like people, not airbrushed representations of... More >>

  • Punch Line

    published August 11, 2011

    Most successful comedians carefully straddle a line between being politically correct bores and finding humor in uncanny situations without taking... More >>

  • Graf on the Grift

    published July 7, 2011

    Graffiti artists are frequently locked up on vandalism charges, so it’s critical that murals be painted as quickly as possible during... More >>

  • Operatic Casanova

    published June 16, 2011

    If you’re sick of manufactured scandals, such as a nation freaking out over PG-13 cell-phone photos of a congressman’s package, you... More >>

  • Hairstory Lesson

    published May 19, 2011

    Hair is a form of communication: A mullet or Mohawk speaks volumes about a person. And in the ’60s, it was all about the length of one’s... More >>

  • Grand Royal

    published April 21, 2011

    Here in the subtropics, we don’t have motherly queens and stately princes. We have something far more regal: the quinceañera. Donning... More >>

  • B.Y.O. Bike

    published April 14, 2011

    Unlike other art forms that hang neatly in pristine galleries, graffiti offers no dainty placards to explain technique, meaning, or message.... More >>

  • Foodie Feast

    published April 7, 2011

    What does Coconut Grove taste like? Probably one-half left-over granola from its bohemian heyday in the '60s, plenty of beer and chicken wings... More >>

  • Cinema Paradiso

    published March 31, 2011

    Sicily has had to deal with a media onslaught of unfavorable perceptions. Not only is it the de facto Mafia-origins backdrop in movies such as... More >>

  • Trashy Couture

    published March 24, 2011

    We’ve come a long way from the hippie days of hemp T-shirts and bottle-cap bracelets. Today’s eco-fashion shows are more likely to reek... More >>

  • Those Summer Nights

    published March 17, 2011

    High-waisted Lycra disco pants and coral-red lipstick. In case you hadn’t noticed, greaser/bad-girl chic is back. So Wednesday night, stop by... More >>

  • Make it Funky

    published March 10, 2011

    A walk past the boutiques on Ocean Drive would lead anyone to believe South Beach fashion is represented by mannequins with triple-D implants... More >>

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