Eva M. Rodriguez


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  • 27 years ago | Longform

    Coral Gables police officer Alan Davis continues to be haunted by the strange events of last Halloween. That was the night Nancy Frost, a 31-year-old Gables resident, was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. As Davis walked her through a sob...

  • 27 years ago | Longform

    My earliest image of black Miami was supplied by one of my uncles, a man who always looked nine months pregnant in his thin cotton undershirts. Darting in and out of traffic in his Chevy station wagon, he would explain to me the finer points of ra...

  • 28 years ago | Longform

    Monday, May 13 was the day Bill Carpenter made several choices that would affect him, and those closest to him, for the rest of his life - and then some. That was the day Carpenter drove from his home in southwest Dade to a particular location in ...


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