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  • Flamenco Nights

    published December 31, 2009

    For German-born guitarist Ottmar Liebert, music seems to have no barriers. An instrumentalist since his early teens, he was initially a... More >>

  • The Truffle Shuffle

    published December 3, 2009

    Though Dave Grusin might not exactly be a household name among jazz fans, almost everyone has heard his music via his Oscar-nominated... More >>

  • Badfish

    published November 5, 2009

    Long Beach-bred punk-ska band Sublime was on the verge of national success when frontman Brad Nowell died of a heroin overdose in 1996, right... More >>

  • The Girl From Bahia

    published October 29, 2009

    Over her four-decade career, Gal Costa has done it all. She belted out songs of protest during the ’60s; came of age in the... More >>

  • Can He Borrow That Fire Alarm?

    published October 22, 2009

    Dutch-born Han Bennink is arguably one of the most venerated drummers on the European jazz scene. Throughout his half-century career, Bennink has... More >>

  • SoBe, So Soul

    published August 13, 2009

    Given the area's vibrant Latin vibe, South Florida is an unlikely location to celebrate soul music, but that’s exactly what Vintage... More >>

  • Summer Better than Others

    published July 30, 2009

    After stepping out of the limelight for eight years, neo-soul innovator Maxwell finally has a new album out: BLACKSummers Night... More >>

  • Brotherly Loved, Miami-Bred

    published July 16, 2009

    “There aren't a lot of places [in Miami] to play jazz, so when I'm in town, it's always good to perform local gigs,” says... More >>

  • Mediterranean Motown

    published July 9, 2009

    Concha Buika, performing this Thursday at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, is not your average flamenco diva. Born in Mallorca to... More >>

  • Seal the Deal

    published April 16, 2009

    British-born singer-songwriter Seal is on tour to promote Soul, his sixth studio recording, and one that features covers of classics such... More >>

  • Humble Genius

    published April 16, 2009

    One of the few survivors of the bebop era — which spawned the likes of Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, and Charlie Parker —... More >>

  • Let Him Toot His Own Horn

    published April 2, 2009

    Branford Marsalis, the oldest of the virtuoso Marsalis brothers, just might be one of the hardest-working men in showbiz. The New... More >>

  • Mariza and the Fado Renaissance

    published March 26, 2009

    After being pivotal in the recent Fado revival (the blues-like genre native to Lisbon) with her honest and impassioned interpretation, this... More >>

  • Wynton Marsalis

    published January 22, 2009

    On the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra's current Southern tour, the 16-piece band is focusing on the 70th anniversary of Blue Note Records.... More >>

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