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  • 9 years ago | Concerts

    Who hasn't been to a post-1998 wedding in which the couple danced to Edwin McCain? The saxophone-drenched ballad "I'll Be," in which McCain promises, in essence, never to be a douchebag, granted him the one commercial success he needed to live eas...

  • 9 years ago | Concerts

    Jewel has had a hell of a musical career for someone barely into her mid-30s. The folk singer-songwriter went from living in a van to MTV stardom in 1995, thanks to her hugely successful debut album, Pieces of You. She then penned a collection of ...

  • 9 years ago

    Thanks to Lady Gaga, there's hope for the brave and unabashed pop worshippers still out there. About the middle of last year, a relatively unknown artist born Stefani Germanotta stormed onto the scene, infiltrating the airwaves with tracks that so...


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