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2003 Stories by Enrique Lopetegui

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  • La Oreja de Van Gogh

    published December 11, 2003

    Instead of Lo Que Te Conté Mientras Te Hacías la Dormida (What I Told You While You Were Pretending to Be Asleep),... More >>

  • Control Machete

    published November 13, 2003

    With Uno, Dos: Bandera (One, Two: Flag, continuing their addiction to horrible album names), Monterrey's hip-hop kings of Control... More >>

  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    published October 30, 2003

    The problem with most overt protest songs is that as soon as the political climate changes, they become like old newspapers: You have to throw... More >>

  • The Mavericks

    published September 25, 2003

    Raúl Malo is to country music what sunlight is to the sun -- he comes from it, but he isn't it. He's a master at letting the songs... More >>

  • Doin' Our Own Thing

    published September 11, 2003

    Whatever happened to that glorious era when rockeros everywhere turned their backs on Anglo influences and began doing their own native... More >>

  • The Battle of Los Angeles

    published August 28, 2003

    If the fourth annual edition of the until-now fairly successful Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) had taken place in New York as it had... More >>

  • Cafe' Tacuba

    published July 3, 2003

    With Revés/Yosoy (1999), Café Tacuba (by far the best Mexican rock group ever) got away with murder. The risky double album... More >>

  • Longo Time Gone

    published May 15, 2003

    On April 19, long-time Univision and (recently) Telemundo sportscaster Norberto Longo died of a massive heart attack at HealthSouth Doctors'... More >>

  • Murga Pop

    published March 13, 2003

    "I don't like to rush it when I'm cooking," says the 49-year-old Jaime Roos, a hugely influential Uruguayan musician who hasn't released an album... More >>

  • Selected Works

    published March 13, 2003

    In Uruguay, Roos has outsold anybody, local or foreign, so there is no good reason why his albums aren't available in the U.S. Blame it on a Latin... More >>

  • Molotov

    published February 13, 2003

    Contrary to popular belief, the Spanish word puto doesn't mean "fag." Only a homosexual who also happens to be an asshole is a puto.... More >>

  • Ricardo Arjona

    published January 16, 2003

    I'm into poetry. I wrote a few lines. Don't worry; I offer just a few. This one details the passing of time: "The past is thirsty and the... More >>

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