David Rolland

David Rolland is a freelance music writer for New Times Broward-Palm Beach and Miami New Times. His mornings are spent educating his toddler daughter on becoming a music snob. His spare time is spent dabbling in writing fiction and screenplays whose subjects are mostly music snobs.

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  • 2 days ago | Concerts

    In the realm of concert planning, the members of Japanese psychedelic rock band Kikagaku Moyo are true believers in an intuitive approach. "We decide onstage what songs we play," Go Kurosawa, the band's drummer, tells New Times. "If the ...

  • 3 days ago | Miami Music

    With the release of his new album, Third Ward Stories, Fort Lauderdale-based saxophonist Jason Hainsworth set out to create a musical biography of his childhood in Houston. But how do you tell a story through instrumental jazz without any lyrics? ...

  • 8 days ago | Holidays

    Even in an average year, Halloween in South Florida means shoulder-to-shoulder hordes of zombie Trumps and $5,000 Harley Quinn getups jostling for space from Lincoln Road to Las Olas and inside every bar and club in between. But this year, thanks ...

  • 11 days ago | Miami Music

    After the resurgence of vinyl, perhaps no other twentieth-century artifact has made as unlikely a revival as the celebrity roast. Late at night, after the kids went to bed, commercials for The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast used to air. Tod...

  • 15 days ago | Interviews

    When Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez tragically died last month after a boating accident at only 24 years of age, not only Miami but the entire baseball community mourned the loss of one of the most promising athletes in the MLB. To...

  • 16 days ago | Concerts

    Drummer Andrew Kerr has lived most of his life in South Florida. But the four years he spent in Brooklyn proved to be well worth the time. The rent was high, but, hey, he got a band out of it. While on his northern sabbatical, the Delray Beach-bre...


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