• @pablochiste
    27 September, 2016

    Interviewed @TheDandyWarhols at https://t.co/hkjmP4XjXq

  • @pablochiste
    25 September, 2016

    @IraHeatBeat Bad owner + bad qb=tied with Browns

  • @pablochiste
    23 September, 2016

    @jerryiannelli where does Callahan get his funding?

  • @pablochiste
    17 September, 2016

    In this TMZ age of gotcha journalism how has no major political candidate ever been caught on camera breaking wind?

  • @pablochiste
    16 September, 2016

    Ten best fall concerts in Broward and Palm Beach https://t.co/bLtfmE4aXU


David Rolland

David Rolland is a freelance music writer for New Times Broward-Palm Beach and Miami New Times. His mornings are spent educating his toddler daughter on becoming a music snob. His spare time is spent dabbling in writing fiction and screenplays whose subjects are mostly music snobs.

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