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  • 21 years ago

    It's not easy being David Lee Roth. Notwithstanding his renewed TV ubiquity (via the canny use of "You Really Got Me" in that GI-Joe-in-a-Nissan ad), life for the former Van Halen frontman has not been kind lately. First, having shed another lead ...

  • 22 years ago

    Answering a musical question that few have asked, Rhino's Youth Gone Wild begs for an explanation. Even those with the longest of cultural attention spans are not yet leaping at the opportunity to revisit the still-twitching corpse of pop metal, a...

  • 22 years ago

    "Who's that freaky old man?" "It's Jethro Tull!" "No, no. It's Aqualung, the guy in the song. Snot is running down his nose!" Truth be told, you can't actually see any snot on the cover art to Jethro Tull's fourth and best album, from 1971. But my...

  • 22 years ago

    Dread Zeppelin No Quarter Pounder (Birdcage) According to official legend, Elvis Presley once remarked, "I may not be Led Zeppelin, but I can still pack 'em in." This was in the mid-Seventies, when Led Zep was the biggest band in the world and Elv...

  • 22 years ago

    Curtis Mayfield People Get Ready!: The Curtis Mayfield Story (Rhino) Although this lavish three-disc set is devoted to the musical achievements of one man, it also acts as a kind of rhythm and blues history. As much as James Brown, Curtis Mayfield...

  • 22 years ago | Film Reviews

    Like the world itself, world music can be a scary place. When you don't know a djembe from a darbukah, when nothing ever sounds even remotely like "Hot Blooded," it's easy to give up and play Graceland again. As the curious titles of its pair of r...


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