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  • Songs: Ohia

    published December 25, 2003

    "Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone." In the space between John Mellencamp's existentialist "Jack and Diane" and the yearning... More >>

  • Sunburned Hand of the Man

    published December 4, 2003

    Too many goofy, tie-dyed Deadheads ruined the noisy improvisational meltdown of the Grateful Dead. Too many burned-out suburban dreads and... More >>

  • Kid606

    published November 27, 2003

    Miguel Depedro has an easy job. As Kid606 he's the enfant terrible of the electronic music world. With the release of his 2000 album Down With... More >>

  • Pluramon

    published November 13, 2003

    Despite its magnificent harmonic blur of guitar noise, the shoegazer genre took its name from the musicians who passively performed it while... More >>

  • T. Raumschmiere

    published September 25, 2003

    Swedish disco hillbillies, anarchist punks, and campy bisexuals? All are welcome at the jock jam. Artists as unlikely as Rednex, Chumbawamba, and... More >>

  • Party Arty

    published September 18, 2003

    When Terry Riley composed In C, a repetitive piece comprising 53 interlocking patterns, he inadvertently invented disco. The audience of... More >>

  • Chris Clark

    published September 18, 2003

    Chris Clark is so punk rock, and not just because of the skulls scribbled on the cover of his new album. The whole Warp label is a totally... More >>

  • Tijuana Techno

    published July 17, 2003

    Norteño is music for urban cowboys in shiny silk shirts, a slick country sound made with accordions and tubas, rattling gourds, and other... More >>

  • Icebreaker International and Manual

    published July 17, 2003

    In 1983 ambient composer Brian Eno released Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundscapes with his brother Roger and protégé Daniel... More >>

Archives: 2004 | 2003