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  • Funkstr÷ung

    published April 1, 2004

    Germans seem to have a natural affinity for making cars, techno, and beer, but not hip-hop. One rare instance was Funkstörung's glitchy remix... More >>


    published March 25, 2004

    The surprising thing about Seventies progressive rock was its popularity. Epic rock operas laden with poesy, costumes, keyboards, and attempts to... More >>

  • Ghost

    published March 25, 2004

    Led Zeppelin was a truly mystical band. Nobody else mixed up decadent, witchy lyrics with overdriven guitars and pastoral folk influences such as... More >>

  • Franz Ferdinand

    published March 18, 2004

    The postpunk revival is the new grunge. Not since the early days of Nirvana and Soundgarden have a group of bands seemed so intent on cultivating... More >>

  • Soft and Wet

    published March 4, 2004

    The word "party" can mean so many things. Saying that you "like to party" could mean that you enjoy attending get-togethers with your friends. It... More >>

  • House of Rockers

    published March 4, 2004

    It was hard to ride the No Wave, especially when the New Wave was so poppy and colorful. Thus, late-Seventies and early-Eighties bands who... More >>

  • Colleen

    published January 8, 2004

    Ambient music is made for make-believe movies. Brian Eno emphasized this through his Music For Films series. Susumu Yokota claims Hayao Miyazaki's... More >>

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