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  • Welcome to Wonderland

    published July 17, 2014

    If the word “burlesque” conjures up images of Cher and Christina Aguilera vamping on the big screen, you have a lot of catching up to... More >>

  • Comedy Gone Viral

    published July 10, 2014

    It’s easy to blame Jenny McCarthy for the sins of the anti-vaccine movement. Recent outbreaks of preventable diseases like whooping cough... More >>

  • This Is The End

    published July 10, 2014

    Dystopias — they’re so hot right now. From The Hunger Games to The Road and from Divergent to The Walking Dead, postapocalyptic worlds... More >>

  • Geekdom: The Gathering

    published July 3, 2014

    You’ve come a long way, nerd baby. Back in the day, the word “nerd” was a death sentence for your social life; it conjured... More >>

  • At Last

    published July 3, 2014

    Before EDM’s pulsing rhythms and jarring drops, before Jay Z had 99 problems, even before anything smelled like teen spirit, there was... More >>

  • Let It Rain

    published June 26, 2014

    In Miami, having a summer birthday is kind of a drag. The scene is so quiet and the weather so unpredictable that it can be hard to figure out how... More >>

  • Let Me Take A Selfie

    published June 26, 2014

    Social media: It’s a narcissist’s art. It’s a worthless pastime. It’s for self-indulgent photos of the food you’re... More >>

  • Simply The Best

    published June 19, 2014

    You’re holding the 2014 Miami New Times Best of Miami issue in your hands right this second. Isn’t it exciting? Does it make... More >>

  • Go Balls Deep

    published June 19, 2014

    Afraid of balls flying at your face? As Dionne from Clueless said: “There goes your social life.” And with it goes your chances at a... More >>

  • Happy Birthday

    published June 12, 2014

    For close to two decades, if you were looking for live, local music on South Beach, you had at least one sure bet: Jazid, the hole-in-the-wall... More >>

  • Dad Jokes

    published June 12, 2014

    Maybe he taught you how to ride a bike. Maybe he made a career out of scaring your boyfriends away. Maybe he’s the reason you have those... More >>

  • A War of Words

    published June 12, 2014

    Yinz. Pop. Stillers. Jagoff. Prepare to hear words like those if you’re hanging around Marlins Park (501 Marlins Way, Miami) this... More >>

  • There Can Be Only One

    published June 5, 2014

    Miami gets a bad rap. People from outside the city limits claim it’s a vain, worthless wasteland, a tourist trap, a place devoid of culture... More >>

  • Let's All Go To the Lobby

    published June 5, 2014

    Miami Film Month is back, and it couldn’t have come soon enough. The summer movie season is a perfect time to duck out of South... More >>

  • Deviant Art

    published June 5, 2014

    Florida, and Miami in particular, is home to some of the world’s most absurd human behavior. So there’s no better place for a... More >>

  • Soccer Schooled

    published June 5, 2014

    The FIFA World Cup is just a short punt away, kicking off next week. You’re in Miami, surrounded by more fans of the sport than perhaps... More >>

  • Two Balls, Twelve Cups

    published May 29, 2014

    Pong. For gamers of a certain age, the word brings back memories of two-tone, two-dimensional graphics and hours spent at the arcade. But for... More >>

  • Feed Your Head

    published May 29, 2014

    Miami may be an urban jungle, but it can be difficult to feel connected to the real wilderness when you spend your life among the construction... More >>

  • Hipster Games

    published May 22, 2014

    The Miami Marlins? Too corporate. The Miami Dolphins? Too thuggish. El Heat? The early championships were pretty cool, but now the team has, like,... More >>

  • Get Pinned

    published May 22, 2014

    What’s old is new again. The only proof you need is on your TV screen. From Mad Men to Boardwalk Empire to Downton Abbey, the most popular... More >>

  • Playing Chicken

    published May 22, 2014

    Lee Brian Schrager has long been the mastermind of Miami’s culinary scene. No, he’s not exactly a household name, not in the way chefs... More >>

  • Madonna Complex

    published May 22, 2014

    Evita: In the years since Oliver Stone’s film adaptation was released in 1996, the title has become little more than a dated Madonna punch... More >>

  • Looking Back

    published May 22, 2014

    When Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles hit the Miami stage last year, it won over critics with its deft treatment of issues such as aging and... More >>

  • Ciara LaVelle

    MasterMinds 2014

    published February 27, 2014

    A stage visionary redefines the way South Florida sees theater. A thrift-shop connoisseur turns his love of collecting into an art career. A... More >>

  • Lonely Hearts Club

    published February 13, 2014

    Attention, Miami singles: This Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be such a downer. You may have wined and dined your way through the... More >>

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