Ciara LaVelle

Ciara LaVelle

Ciara LaVelle is New Times' arts and culture editor. She earned her BS in journalism at Boston University, moved to Florida in 2004, and landed a job as a travel writer. For reasons that seemed sound at the time, she gave up her life of professional island-hopping to join New Times' staff in 2011. She left the paper in 2014 to start a family, but two years and two babies later, she returned in the hopes that someone on staff would agree to babysit. No takers yet.

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  • 3 days ago | Artopia

    The MasterMind Awards submissions have been judged. The finalists have been chosen. Now it's time to reveal who will take home New Times' artist grants — and to party in the process. New Times' Artopia, presented by Miracle Mile Downtown Coral Gab...

  • 20 days ago | MasterMinds

    It's that time of year again: awards season. The Oscars have announced their nominees. The Grammys will reveal their winners this weekend. And here in Miami, New Times has selected the finalists for its annual MasterMind Awards.

  • 28 days ago | III Points Festival

    If you're a music fan in need of some good news this morning, you're in luck. The III Points festival has announced its 2017 dates, with tickets going on sale Tuesday morning. This year's festival of music, art, and technology will take place Oct....

  • 1 month ago | Stage

    South Florida fans of the insanely popular musical Hamilton have felt snubbed this year. The touring production announced visits to metro areas such as Salt Lake City and Des Moines but skipped Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The closest local Hamilfan...

  • 1 month ago | Film and TV

    The Oscar buzz for Moonlight began shortly after the film started making the rounds at festivals such as Telluride and Toronto. By the time of its wide release in November, the buzz had grown into near-universal critical acclaim. At the Golden Glo...

  • 1 month ago | Concerts

    Miami's newest music festival, Kaya Fest, has already made headlines by reuniting the Marley brothers onstage for the first time in more than two decades. Now organizers have announced special appearances by Lauryn Hill, who packed the Fillmore Mi...


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