• @ciaralavelle
    21 January, 2017

    Beautiful and necessary. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ https://t.co/r4fysAexur

  • @ciaralavelle
    13 January, 2017

    You know it's been a good week when the πŸ™„ emoji disappears from your "recently used" category

  • @ciaralavelle
    12 January, 2017

    I am Jack's sad office popcorn.

  • @ciaralavelle
    10 January, 2017

    New rule: No more January-February events are allowed to have the phrase "a mid-winter's" in the title.

  • @ciaralavelle
    9 January, 2017

    Just noticed that my Netflix press site login info was verified via https://t.co/N5MvkmKAov. Well played, guys.


Ciara LaVelle

Ciara LaVelle

Ciara LaVelle is New Times' arts and culture editor. She earned her BS in journalism at Boston University, moved to Florida in 2004, and landed a job as a travel writer. For reasons that seemed sound at the time, she gave up her life of professional island-hopping to join New Times' staff in 2011. She left the paper in 2014 to start a family, but two years and two babies later, she returned in the hopes that someone on staff would agree to babysit. No takers yet.

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