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  • DNA privacy keeps Aventura cops from solving the city's only murder

    published March 12, 2009

    Lea la versión española en Miami New Beverly... More >>

  • Dilema de ADN

    published March 12, 2009

    Beverly Sicherer se quedó boca abajo en el piso frío del pasillo fuera del apartamento de Aventura de su padre. Casi loca,... More >>

  • Six Degrees, So Long. 944, Howdy!

    published Mar 06, 2009

    No doubt about it. Times are tight in the media market. The Herald's for sale, the Sun-Sentinel is bankrupt, and the SunPost is nearly cooked. Now comes news that 944 has purchased Six Degrees, one of... More >>

  • The SunPost Is Setting

    published March 5, 2009

    Phones were disconnected last week. The lone staff writer has applied for unemployment. The executive editor's name — and that of almost... More >>

  • Timoney Loses, Freedom Wins, Taxpayers Pay

    Timoney Loses, Freedom Wins, Taxpayers Pay

    published Feb 24, 2009

    Miami Police Chief John Timoney screwed up, and we taxpayers are just gonna keep paying and paying.Back in November 2003, the City of Miami shut down some protests against a Free Trade Area of the Ame... More >>

  • Message to Andres Oppenheimer: Work Harder!

    published Feb 23, 2009

    OK, now this is funny. In a Herald correction this morning, the newspaper admitted the first paragraph of Andres Oppeneheimer's column "was inadvertently picked up from a previous column."What they a... More >>

  • Buk Fifty Graffiti on I-95

    published Feb 17, 2009

      Are you one of the two gazillion people who has passed the sign on I-95 north where the graffiti crew Buk Fifty has scrawled its name over the dang highway?It seems they did it in the dead... More >>

  • Oops, This Herald Forgot New Times

    published Feb 12, 2009

    See that pretty 1A pic in this morning's edition of the Magic City's largest English-language publication, the Miami Herald? Notice the gorgeous Trinidadian woman next to her equally good-looking hom... More >>

  • Hugo Chavez Stinks, but Rafael Correa...Not

    published Feb 02, 2009

    Today's Hugo Chavez's tenth anniverary in power. He's messed with everybody's brains since taking the oath of office -- and he has brought a voice to a lotta poor Venezuelans, many of whom have come t... More >>

  • Notorious Stabbing and Big-Time Brawl at Aventura Movie Theater

    published Jan 30, 2009

    Diamond Nicole Bell didn't see it coming. On the evening of January 16, she and four friends went to see Notorious at the Aventura AMC Theatre.After they sat down, some of her buddies headed for the ... More >>

  • Chuck Strouse

    Sandra Boyd IDs the Dead

    published January 29, 2009

    In the bowels of a boxy concrete monolith northwest of downtown Miami sits cooler number five. Use all of your weight to slide open the heavy... More >>

  • Newspapers Planned Fidel's Death. Oops!

    published Jan 22, 2009

    For the past 30 years or so, Miami newspapers have prepared for Fidel Castro's death. Soon after I arrived at the Herald in 1989, I updated a lengthy obituary of the Cuban dictator that was kept on fi... More >>

  • Royal Castle Returns

    published January 22, 2009

    Royal Castle is back. You know, the tiny hamburger smothered with onions that you dreamed about after, well, a little glowing... More >>

  • The Dream Is Alive

    published January 22, 2009

    "Let us realize that history has thrust upon us an indescribably important destiny — to complete a process of democratization which our... More >>

  • Message to Obama: Follow MLK's Miami Message

    published Jan 19, 2009

     "Let us realize that history has thrust upon us an indescribably important destiny --to complete a process of democratization which our nation has developed too slowly, but which is our most pow... More >>

  • Bike the Rickenbacker, Get Ready to Two-Wheel in downtown and on the Beach

    published Jan 08, 2009

    Let's face it. Miami is one of America's worst places to ride a bicycle.Guys on two wheels get whacked on Brickell, nailed in the Redland, and steamrollered on US 1. Bicycling magazine placed us at th... More >>

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