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  • Hello IRE - The Herald Shrinks Again

    published Jun 06, 2008

    Last time the Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference was held in Miami in 1995, Miami New Times published a story called “The Incredible Shrinking Herald.” The lengthy piece, by then staff... More >>

  • Marlins Say Adios to First Place

    published May 30, 2008

    I’ve been glued to the tube and to my stadium seat for the last month or so, basking in the Marlins first place run. But I’m afraid it’s over. Starting pitching is the problem. And the bullp... More >>

  • Johnny Winton Speaks

    published May 29, 2008

    The story went this way: Stuck at MIA en route to Houston, flyweight Miami Commissioner Johnny Winton gulped down 16 drinks — wine,... More >>

  • Miami Herald: Get some nudity fast!

    published Apr 28, 2008

    The newest numbers from Editor and Publisher show Miami Herald circulation falling faster than virtually any other major American newspaper in the last six months. According to a story in today's Edi... More >>

  • Che Guevara Who?

    published April 3, 2008

    Stone serious, the dapper elderly gentleman in gray slacks, a black and white tie, and a neatly pressed green shirt firmly gripped my shoulder... More >>

  • Miami is Clean???

    published Mar 26, 2008

    Last week Forbes magazine named Miami the cleanest city in America. Yeah, I scoffed too. And so did most people commenting on the article. The study gave the most weight to air pollutio... More >>

  • Coral Gables Snake-like Mayor

    published Mar 14, 2008

    The City Beautiful pisses me off. Zoning laws are enforced in Coral Gables by nasty code enforcement guys who seem to have it out for anyone without a boatload of money or power. If you doubt it, wi... More >>

  • New DDA Chief

    published Mar 05, 2008

    Miami's troubled Downtown Development Authority is on the verge of hiring a new leader— one who knows a little something about image, especially when it comes to streets and natural disasters. And... More >>

  • Florida Education Evolves

    published Feb 20, 2008

    Yesterday's *4-3 decision by the Florida School Board to update science standards was a long time coming. Most attention was understandably focused on the dust-up over evolution, but the larger pictur... More >>

  • Bambi Bump-Off

    published January 31, 2008

    Three skulls lay in the dust beneath silvery buttonwood leaves. Two were covered in rotting flesh. One had been severed by a... More >>

  • The Bhangra Competition: Dancing With the Stars Meets Bollywood

    published Jan 26, 2008

    What do you get when you cross Dancing With the Stars, downtown Miami and Bollywood? The first-annual Bhangra Competition, that's what. While salsa may be the dance and music of choice of the Magic ... More >>

  • Jose Padilla and Super Pimp Arthur Van Moor Suffer

    published Jan 22, 2008

    It's a big day for the South Florida courts today, what with the conviction of superpimp Arthur Vanmoor and sentencing of dirty-bomber, Jose Padilla, to 17 years. Vanmoor, who was profiled by New Tim... More >>

  • Marathon's a Comin'

    published Jan 18, 2008

    Like many Miamians, I'm preparing for the ING Miami half marathon on January 27. Next year, I'l run the whole banana. That's my pledge. This morning I did five miles -- a tad more than my regular run... More >>

  • New Times Turns 20

    published January 17, 2008

    The beef began with a fish. Fueled by liquor, it ended with Miami New Times owner Mike Lacey launching a bottle at its editor Jim... More >>

  • Man Screws Goat

    published Jan 04, 2008

    Sweet God Almighty! I’m sorry, but this is the funniest fucking story ever -- from beginning to end. Read it three times, people. It’s about a man who’s been running around the Florida panha... More >>

  • Tropic Hunt Up North

    published Jan 02, 2008

    Back in my days at the Miami Herald, I loved the guys at Tropic magazine. They drank heavily, played ping-pong in the office, and cracked all kinds of jokes -- dirty and otherwise. In short, they were... More >>

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