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  • New Times Wins Big

    published Dec 10, 2008

    Miami New Times staff writer Francisco Alvarado has been named journalist of the year in the Florida Awards of Excellence contest, edging out writers from every daily, weekly, and other newspaper acro... More >>

  • Horse Porn, Kids, and Basel

    published Dec 08, 2008

    NYC artist Gregory de la Haba, who has two young sons, spent five years creating a life-size sculpture of a horse with a two-foot-long schlong, about to mount a mare with a motherin' vagina. When he ... More >>

  • Miami Mayoral Donnybrook

    published Dec 01, 2008

    Miami Commissioner Joe Sanchez, a former cop, has opened an account to run for city mayor, opening the way to the best political contest in recent memory. Commissioner Tomas Regalado, who announced se... More >>

  • Mickey Rourke Update

    published Nov 11, 2008

    Okay, so yesterday we told you about Mickey Rourke's propensity to duke it out. What we forgot to tell you is that the guy is a homophobe. When a reporter asked Rourke about a connection of actress ... More >>

  • Miami Loses

    published November 6, 2008

    Barack Obama cranked on Tuesday, so we're cranked. And he took Florida too. Wow! It's history, baby! But then we looked more... More >>

  • Miami Loses

    published October 30, 2008

    Barack Obama cranked on Tuesday, so we're cranked. And he took Florida too. Wowsa! It's history, baby! But then we looked more... More >>

  • Dolphins Are Now Balls Deep in the Hunt

    published Nov 03, 2008

    All week long, Dolphins fans had the sweats thinking about what Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall was going to do to Miami’s secondary. And yet our boys in back stepped up and had their finest per... More >>

  • Fire Fee's Back. It's Manny Diaz's Fault!

    published Oct 17, 2008

    I hate Mayor Manny Diaz, big-time lawyer Hank Adorno, and former Miami City Manager Joe Arriola because they screwed the public. I was reminded of it yesterday when I received a note in the mail sa... More >>

  • Frightening Turkey Point Nuclear Shutdown

    published Oct 13, 2008

    The story broke just a few minutes ago: Turkey Point closed its number four reactor -- a nuclear unit. If you've been in town for more than a few months, you know that FPL was recently nailed for a... More >>

  • Miami Herald Legend Joan Fleischman Pens Her Last Column Sunday

    published Oct 03, 2008

    Prominent Miamians who take bribes, divorce, or don women’s underwear in public need no longer fret that Joan Fleischman will find out. The Miami Herald’s gossip columnist is one of several news... More >>

  • Sign of the Season: Joe's to Open October 10

    published Oct 02, 2008

    There was the most famous sign in Miami rolling down Opa-locka Boulevard yesterday morning. "Joe's Stone Crab," it read in freshly painted Miami Hurricane green and orange. "It goes down every su... More >>

  • Selling Out at the Miami Herald

    published September 25, 2008

    Talk about conflict of interest. Early next month, Miami Herald county hall reporter Matthew Pinzur leaves the newspaper for a... More >>

  • I-95 Lexus Lanes: A Major Mistake

    published Sep 25, 2008

    Why are we taxpayers wasting $330 million to build Lexus lanes on I-95 north from downtown Miami? They are supposed to reduce congestion, but all they have accomplished so far is create confusion and ... More >>

  • Bushmills Rocks

    published Sep 25, 2008

    At Miami New Times HQ, the newspaper’s editorial staff convened in a conference room to conduct some serious investigative journalism. For 400 years, the region of Bushmills in Ireland has been di... More >>

  • Spinello Stops 'em in Their Tracks at the Art Walk

    published Sep 15, 2008

    Untitled (Video Still), Federico Nessi One has to tip the chapeau to Anthony Spinello. The spunky young dealer has transformed his modest gallery about as often as his competitors change their unde... More >>

  • Judge Jeri Cohen Wins Election, Approves Ballpark. Sleazy?

    published Sep 10, 2008

    Is it just me, or did anyone else in Miami-Dade connect Judge Jeri Cohen's recent reelection and her decision to approve the Marlins ballpark as a "public purpose" on Tuesday. Cohen's ruling was a mo... More >>

  • Dolphins Lose, Pennington Sucks

    published Sep 07, 2008

    Around the middle of the third quarter Sunday, nine Miami-Dade cops marched into my section at the Dolphins game and dragged off a vociferous Jets fan, who flashed the crowd a victory sign as he heade... More >>

  • "Ike Slaps South Florida" and Other Dingbat Headlines

    published Sep 05, 2008

    Hurricanes often have geeky names. Gustav was a loser for sure. Back in 1989, Hugo sounded like a kid who'd get beat up on the playground. There was Iris in 2001 -- want to go bowling? And Georges i... More >>

  • Dead Duck at the Miami Herald

    published Sep 04, 2008

    The Sun-Sentinel screwed with Miami Herald readers this morning. Or so it seemed. The Magic City’s paper of record this morning printed what I think was the first Sentinel story since the once hot... More >>

  • Retire Now, Luis Gonzalez!

    published Aug 14, 2008

    The Marlins shoulda creamed the St Louis Cardinals last night. They didn't. The reason: Luis Gonzalez sucks. The Marlins 31-year-old left fielder came up three times with runs in scoring position .... More >>

  • Contraband arms dealers in South Florida?

    published Jul 07, 2008

    Arms dealers in South Florida? Is this déjà vu all over again? We truly are America's Casablanca. The U.S. attorney in Miami just issued this release. Boy oh boychicle. First there was the... More >>

  • Herald Layoffs Detailed

    published Jul 03, 2008

    It's D-Day at the Miami Herald and 42 will exit the newspaper. One motherin' newsman is on this list -- Phil Long, who covered hurricanes forever and was a tech guy before tech guys existed. Phil hust... More >>

  • Manny Diaz Ain't Green

    published Jun 19, 2008

    The US Conference of Mayors conference kicks off tomorrow in Miami, and Manny Diaz is stepping out. The Miami mayor -- the conference's leader this year -- will talk about green initiatives. Barack Ob... More >>

  • Herald Outsources to Calcutta

    published Jun 16, 2008

    The bomb has dropped in the Herald newsroom. According to a story posted on the newspaper's website, the newsroom will "lose about 60 positions, including some now vacant." Overlooked in the bloodlet... More >>

  • McCain's VP and Cuba embargo baloney

    published Jun 12, 2008

    Our sister paper in Minnesota, City Pages, is reporting that state's governor, Tim Pawlenty has flip-flopped on the trade embargo with Cuba. The reason: ambition. Pawlenty would like to become John... More >>

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