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  • Last Chance to See Chihuly at Fairchild

    published May 31, 2007

    "The Sun" It was as if some advanced civilization sought to mock our ideas about natural beauty, heightening them and exaggerating them, fashioning vibrant, otherworldly creations that resemb... More >>

  • Seal at Jackie Gleason

    published May 25, 2007

    Photo by Jeffrey Delannoy Seal Since Seal had his couple of big stateside hits in the Nineties (the seemingly immortal “Kissed By a Rose” being the most recognizeable), lately he seems to hav... More >>

  • Go Margo Go, From Miami to Maine

    published May 08, 2007

    Margo Pellegrino looked unsure about swigging from a champagne bottle proffered to her Monday morning, but she didn’t stop to think about it. Sure, booze probably isn’t the best thing if you’re... More >>

  • Riptide's Five Rules of Urban Bike Survival

    published Mar 01, 2007

    Carrrrrreful This Sunday, the county Parks and Rec Department and the Florida Bicycle Assoctation will host a "Road 1 Bike-Ed Class" at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center in Cr... More >>

  • Sacre Bleu

    published Feb 28, 2007

    Note the Rust painted by the old salt Dirk Verdoorn does not just like to paint little boats — non, monsieur! He is a — how do you say, a Peintre de la Marine — an offici... More >>

  • Rewarding the Dictator

    published Feb 22, 2007

    A press champion This week in Cuba: Cuban officials have declined to renew a reporting visa for a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, Gary Marx, saying that his stories have been "negative."... More >>

  • The 10 Hottest Hairless Celebs in History

    published Feb 20, 2007

    Melissa Etheridge Where does Britney stack up? It seemed like just last month that Britney Spears' only shaved head was between her legs. The upside about her rehab-induced mental tails... More >>

  • Palm Pilots

    published Feb 13, 2007

    palm this tree For decades, Biscayne Boulevard was a regal stretch of road, a tropical gateway to paradise. Visitors were greeted with smooth asphalt, clean family-friendly motels and tower... More >>

  • Ghetto to Go

    published Feb 12, 2007

    "We're paying for their exorbitant rent!" my uncle Al bellows whenever I take him to dine in a pricey South Beach restaurant. Obnoxious, yes, but he's got a point. The Ghetto Gourmet is a coun... More >>

  • Bye Bye Tommy

    published Feb 08, 2007

    Superman retires Tom Fiedler may not be Ben Bradlee, but he remains a newspaper warrior, nonetheless. Earlier today, the Miami Herald's soon-to-be-former executive editor received two stan... More >>

  • Castro Who?

    published Feb 08, 2007

    El dictador Today's Associated Press poll regarding Fidel Castro that was printed nationwide and in the Miami Herald wasn't particularly newsworthy. Sixty-four percent of Americans have a ... More >>

  • Purple Slut

    published Feb 07, 2007

    Phallic? No! Miami is sexy. Prince is sexy. So why is everyone surprised that his show at the Super Bowl on Sunday had phallic imagery? Here's CNN's take on this, well, extraordinary p... More >>

  • Cop Cyclone

    published Feb 06, 2007

    Blow wind, blow! At approximately noon today, a tornado spilled onto Biscayne Boulevard at NE 28th Street. There were a dozen City of Miami cop cars, two Florida Highway Patrol cruisers, a ... More >>

  • When Corruption Ain't Corrupt

    published Feb 05, 2007

    As you might expect, the Super Bowl brought a wide cast of characters to town. Some were looking to score tickets, get drunk or get lucky. Some are looking for redemption. In town to work a private... More >>

  • R.I.P.:Kapuscinski, Ivins, and Restaurant Brana

    published Feb 02, 2007

    Come back, Jeffrey! "It was a small dog, a Japanese breed. His name was Lulu. He was allowed to sleep in the Emperor's great bed. During various ceremonies, he would run away from the Emperor's l... More >>

  • Here Today...

    published Feb 02, 2007

    The enlightened mind Seven monks. Five days. Millions of grains of sand. In the end, there was nothing to show for the 40-plus hours of work. The monks of the Drepung Gomang Monastic Co... More >>

  • Ho-o-ot Chili

    published Feb 02, 2007

    The tattoos are picante! The hike up to the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise isn't an easy one for southern-dwelling Miamians. But we slogged through ridiculous rush hour traffic to see the l... More >>

  • On the Road Campaign

    published Feb 01, 2007

    willie for prez Willie for president! No, seriously, to hell with Obama and Hillary. Vote for Willie Nelson: - He feels your pain (the IRS went after him in 1990 for $16.7 million i... More >>

  • A Cutie Amidst Cuties

    published Feb 01, 2007

    Note the collar At first glance, six-foot-tall Albert Cutie looked quite at home this past Saturday night at Nikki Beach's tenth-anniversary bash. He showed up fashionably late with the ub... More >>

  • Varela Goes Free

    published Jan 31, 2007

    Varela at work Jose Varela, the disgruntled and former El Nuevo Herald cartoonist, won't serve any jail time for his brazen takeover of One Herald Plaza this past November 24. During his t... More >>

  • Go West Young Man

    published Jan 31, 2007

    On March 1, 56 activists for gay rights will gather in Minneapolis and board two buses, one destined for the East Coast and the other for the West. In the bus traveling toward the Pacific will be Delf... More >>

  • Escape from Key West

    published Jan 30, 2007

    Lessee him get out of this one It's been just over two weeks since Key West escape artist Michael Patrick left the slammer. He'd served 60 days after being found guilty of a second-degree ... More >>

  • Commissioners Shakespeare and Botero

    published Jan 30, 2007

    "Botero, do you know that guy?" During the commission's regular meeting this past January 25, Miami-Dade Commissioner Dorrin Rolle didn't care much about a possible $16 million interest-re... More >>

  • Shaquille "Cops Make me Squeal" O'Neal

    published Jan 29, 2007

    This morning's story about Shaq's most recent "police work" led me to stop and reflect. I remember, shortly after 9-11, when Shaq volunteered to help run baggage checks at LAX with ... More >>

  • No Protests at Super Bowl Time, Baby!

    published Jan 26, 2007

    Don't mess with Max! Activist Max Rameau is having a tough time getting a County-issued protest permit to erect his tent city in front of the county building at 111 N.W. First St. next Wed... More >>

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