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  • OJ, Phone Home

    published Sep 14, 2007

    C'mon Juice. You tried to hustle us with that book about if you did it. And now you're being investigated for trying to steal from a casino. You've got a problem. You shouldn't be living in Kend... More >>

  • The Real DeVito

    published Sep 05, 2007

    Last Friday night, Danny DeVito returned to Miami to unveil his new line of Limoncello. The drink was inspired by his funny arrival on The View , several months back, after spending a night on the t... More >>

  • Rudy Crew and the Latin Builders

    published Sep 04, 2007

    Here's Miami Schools Superintendent Rudy Crew on Monday's News and Notes, a nationally syndicated radio show broadcast on National Public Radio and locally on WLRN-FM (91.3): "In Miami for example... More >>

  • Rolle, Ahsha, Rolle!

    published Aug 29, 2007

    A Miami Shores tenisista is getting national recognition at the U.S. Open this week. Ahsha Rolle (number 109) beat 17th ranked Tatiana Golovin in the tournament’s first round, a mind-blowing upset... More >>

  • Bike Blog: This Man Says Miami's Ahead on Biking. Is He Nuts?

    published Aug 27, 2007

    Apology: Somehow, this post got cut short, making it look an obnoxious rant against the very people whose work I meant to highlight. Sorry, Herb! A few nights ago, the Bike Blog was chatting with H... More >>

  • The Lieutenant of Inishmore's Bloody Great

    published Aug 20, 2007

    A kiss between crazies A riot of blood and wit, The Lieutenant of Inishmore is cinematic, gripping, hilarious, grisly, and poignant all at once. It's Tarantino live -- but with a point. This is... More >>

  • Florida Student Loan Subpoenas

    published Aug 10, 2007

    New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo expanded his investigation of student lenders and their relationship with universities recently by issuing subpoenas to 40 athletic departments across th... More >>

  • Bounty Girls and Me

    published Aug 10, 2007

    I hate reality TV….so I left the room and started washing dishes last night when my wife switched to the debut of Bounty Girls Miami – on Court TV. I could heard from the kitchen as they int... More >>

  • Miami Herald Editor Speaks

    published Aug 07, 2007

    Asked about Oscar Corral, the reporter accused of soliciting a prostitute this past Friday, Miami Herald editor Anders Gyllenhaal had only a few words: "It's an unfortunate situation. Oscar says thi... More >>

  • Julia Tuttle Says Happy Birthday, Miami

    published Jul 30, 2007

    Welcome to the new Miami! “Connected sky top gardens,” said one response. “Breathable fabric required,” the next. Good evening, my name is Julia Tuttle, typed the woman at the old-fas... More >>

  • How Many Tabacaleros Does it Take to Write a Declaration of Independence?

    published Jul 19, 2007

    Last night, the heads of over a dozen local premium cigar makers were gathered together in a single smoky room for the first time ever. Nick Perdomo, owner of Tabacalera Perdomo, a handmade cigar sh... More >>

  • Miami Joins Select "Fast" Company

    published Jul 04, 2007

    Fast Company has named Miami one of its “30 Fastest Cities in the World” this year. Calling it a “culture center,” the lowly intern given the task of researching Miami on the Internet came up ... More >>

  • Will the "Hand of God" Grace a New Miami Condo?

    published Jun 29, 2007

    Watch that hand! On June 22, 1986, before the days of instant replay, in a quarter-final World Cup match-up between England and Argentina in Mexico City, Diego Maradona had the game of his life... More >>

  • This Weekend, Try a Milk Shake and Monkeys

    published Jun 29, 2007

    ... More >>

  • If the Meek Don't Inherit, They Lobby

    published Jun 27, 2007

    That Carrie Meek sold out her constituency for $40 grand and a Cadillac Escalade is not a shocker. A year and three weeks ago, Miami New Times wrote how the former U.S. congresswoman, a revered poli... More >>

  • Miami Children’s Museum, You’ve Got to be Kidding

    published Jun 18, 2007

    Look -- don't touch! Judging by the crowd on a recent Saturday morning, the Miami Children’s Museum has no trouble attracting visitors. I just wonder how many return a second time. While in... More >>

  • Your Tax Dollars at Work

    published Jun 14, 2007

    Miami-Dade County’s Office of the Inspector General released its annual report for fiscal year 2006 last week. For those who want a primer on corruption in Miami, the report is a great place to star... More >>

  • DeFede Was Hours From Death

    published Jun 12, 2007

    This from the Bob Norman's Daily Pulp: You probably have no idea how close we were losing to losing the great Jim DeFede. Yesterday morning, the former Miami New Times and Miami Herald columnist t... More >>

  • Skewer Sarnoff

    published Jun 11, 2007

    These letters rolled into our Letters to the Editor Section last week. Watch the writer tacke a swing -- and the commissioner duck: From reader Ernie Sandoval to Miami Commisisoner Marc Sarnoff: "Mi... More >>

  • Something Smells Fishy -- And Like Rectal Leakage, Too

    published Jun 11, 2007

    The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) in Tallahasee has doubled the fine for any proven offense of food misrepresention in dining establishments (from $250 to $500, which still... More >>

  • MMA in MIA – well, almost!

    published Jun 08, 2007

    For the second time this year the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Spike TV are broadcasting Fight Night Live from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood. And Tuesday’s fight card is l... More >>

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do

    published Jun 08, 2007

    On May 7, I posted a blog entitled Ask the Food Critic, in which readers were encouraged to forward questions to me concerning the local food and dining scene. Sample queries were offered, such as: Is... More >>

  • The Farting Preacher

    published Jun 08, 2007

    Hey kids, guess whose working the four a.m. slot on BET –right here from a secret studio in Miami? You thought he was dead but he’s rich and very much alive! No, it’s not Flava Flav. It’... More >>

  • Miami on the Lot

    published Jun 06, 2007

    It’s hard not to notice longtime Miami resident Claudia La Bianca with her whacky, colorful outfits, bleach-blonde waist-length dreadlocks, fishbowl-shape hazel eyes, ... More >>

  • A Lesson in Firewalking

    published Jun 05, 2007

    This past weekend I got invited to a barbecue with a little twist: It wasn’t chicken wings we were roasting on the coals -- it was our own precious tootsies. It’s called firewalking, explained m... More >>

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