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  • Murder Incorporated

    published Dec 31, 2007

    Hey everybody, only 147 people got killed locally this year, according to Miami-Dade police! That’s six less than last year! Awesome! --Calvin Godfrey... More >>

  • Why not poke a pig for NYEve?

    published Dec 31, 2007

    What are you gonna do to ring in the New Year? Get drunk? Spend a bunch of money at a club? Shoot a gun in the air? Well fuck you. My man Chris (in the black wife beater) and everybody down... More >>

  • Dolphins Look Good in the Sun

    published Dec 17, 2007

    The sun emerged from behind the clouds on our side of Dolphin Stadium, Section 222, on Sunday. There were about six minutes left in the game. The Fins were winning, so we forgave the rain that had spr... More >>

  • So long Hank Kaplan!

    published Dec 17, 2007

    He knew Cassius Clay, Rocky Marciano, and was a mother Theresa of sorts for Miami great Kid Gavilan. Now boxing historian Hank Kaplan is gone, and it's formally the end of the Muhammad Ali era in Mi... More >>

  • New York Loves/Hates Miami

    published Dec 12, 2007

    Mid-beach and South Beach ranked five and six, respectively in a recent New York Times travel piece touting 53 places to visit in 2008. The writer lavished: "Move over South Beach. The iconic Eden Ro... More >>

  • Anonymous Bloggers Suck

    published Dec 11, 2007

    The blog war involving Stuck on the Palmetto, Critical Miami and the Daily Pulp would be comic if it weren't so dumb. The battle, it seems, is over the anonymity of a guy named Rick -- who has been wr... More >>

  • Cuban Custody Case Finally Settled

    published Nov 28, 2007

    Lawyers in the case of a marooned five-year-old Cuban girl reached a settlement this afternoon. And the big winner is the girl’s dad, Rafael Izquierdo. And, of course, the little girl herself. ... More >>

  • Marlins Win World Series!

    published Oct 29, 2007

    OK so now I'm pissed. On the same day, the Marlins -- oop, I mean Red Sox -- win the World Series and the New York Times reports that former Marlins manager of the year Joe Girardi is the leading ... More >>

  • MTV Pimps its Tongues

    published Oct 29, 2007

    Mmm, tasty Pimped-out tongue statutes with artistic touches (one tipped with a gargoyle, another doused in exterritorial green, another bedazzled and named "Say hello to my little friend") w... More >>

  • Ecuadorean Military Base in Miami

    published Oct 23, 2007

    News Item: (Reuters, October 23) Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa announced this morning in Naples, Italy that he will allow the United States to continue to operate its military base in in that S... More >>

  • New Times Owners Arrested

    published Oct 19, 2007

    In case you missed it in this morning's New York Times, the two guys who own this newspaper -- Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey -- were arrested in Phoenix Thursday. The reason: a story they published in... More >>

  • A Reporter on the Lam in Latin America

    published October 18, 2007

    Gonzalo Guillén is on the lam. His wife and son are in hiding. Colombian President Álvaro Uribe publicly belittled the... More >>

  • An Apology

    published Oct 15, 2007

    A post on our blog last week related to a CNN poll that rated Miami as the American city with the most beautiful people has been removed. A picture that accompanied the post was demeaning to African-A... More >>

  • Sound Familiar?

    published Oct 15, 2007

    The Miami Herald's story this morning on the Wynwood Free Trade Zone read a helluva lot like a story I penned for the newspaper on May 18, 1994, 13 friggin years ago. Old version: IN WYNWOOD, A G... More >>

  • George Bush Won't Let Me Eat

    published Oct 12, 2007

    So there I was trying to cross Biscayne Boulevard to pick up some lunch about 3:00 p.m. when a Miami-Dade motorcycle cop stopped me in my tracks. “Get out of the street,” he shouted. Huh. The... More >>

  • I came, I saw, I got totally nude!

    published Oct 09, 2007

    ... More >>

  • Today is the 40th Anniversary of Che's Death

    published Oct 09, 2007

    And these photos prove he really made a splash!!! Get it? Seriously. What will the fashion industry think of next? The Saddam sarong? The Osama tube top? Nothing like wrapping a bunch of sexy young... More >>

  • Antikulture: So Much Fun, Your Pants Will Split

    published Oct 09, 2007

    ... More >>

  • Supermarket Sweep at Whole Foods

    published Oct 02, 2007

    Following my last Whole Foods post I simply HAD to head back there on Friday after work. The last thing I ever want to do is cook dinner after a long work week, and trying to get a dinner reservation ... More >>

  • Hip-Hop Hit

    published Oct 01, 2007

    Nicole Klaymoon’s The Sixth Vowel, produced by the Miami Light Project last Friday was THE BEST small theatrical production I have seen in this city in a decade. It was the kind of small, wine-d... More >>

  • Pay Attention, Miami: The Skinny on Milan Fashion Week

    published Sep 28, 2007

    Too far? Fashion Week in Miami is still a few months away, but things are going full swing in Milan. One designer has overshadowed Pucci, Prada, and Gucci: Nolita, an Italian label that makes clo... More >>

  • Chavéz Chat Fest

    published Sep 28, 2007

    Eight perfect hours on a Sunday for most: coffee, newspaper, beach-lounging, museum or a movie. Hugo Chavéz’s eight perfect hours on a Sunday: talking. That’s right, the Venezuelan president se... More >>

  • Pay for School, Sucka

    published Sep 27, 2007

    The Florida Board of Governors, which oversees our belaguered university system, voted on Thursday increase tuition by five percent. They want to make us pay. I wish they’d just stop. So does... More >>

  • NPR: Gone too far

    published Sep 26, 2007

    Predictably, I listen to National Public Radio. Last night, after an interview with an Iranian dissident they plugged The Nina Totin' bag named for Nina Totenberg, their legal affairs correspondent. S... More >>

  • Pay off Your Loans

    published September 20, 2007

    Gabe Pendas decked a guy that cool March evening seven years ago. Fractured his jaw. It was in front of the Starbucks on Kendall Drive, not far... More >>

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