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  • Ding-Dong the Witch is Still Alive

    published Dec 20, 2006

    Miami-Dade County Yesterday, County Commissioner Natacha Seijas crushed a recall against her. A pathetic 11 percent of the 76,000 registered voters in her district turned out to cast ballot... More >>

  • Jose Marti Would be Ashamed

    published Dec 19, 2006

    Not long ago, El Nuevo Herald, the nation's self-proclaimed "best Spanish language newspaper," took a whack from the national press when it was reported that El Nuevo employees were moonlighting for g... More >>

  • Wackin' the Taxpayer

    published Dec 18, 2006

    Keep your kid Billy's pockets free of ganja lint. If he's busted, he might just spend eight hours next to a seventeen-year-old who murdered his parents with a lead pipe. And if little Billy gets... More >>

  • Doin' the Natacha Rag

    published Dec 15, 2006

    Katie Edwards, executive director of the Dade County Farm Bureau, was very happy with our cover story about the Natacha Seijas recall. Edwards left the following congratulatory message on my voicemail... More >>

  • Good-bye Tommy

    published Dec 15, 2006

    During his 33-year career at the Miami Herald, Tom Fiedler won the Pulitzer Prize for covering an extremist group in Liberty City, took down presidential hopeful Gary Hart, and pissed off Miami's Cuba... More >>

  • Cup and Joe

    published Dec 07, 2006

    This past Tuesday, Miami-Dade County commissioners took up the issue of the strong mayor ballot. At first they wanted to cut the salary, but then they chickened out. Indeed, it seems every time they d... More >>

  • Brain Bowl

    published Dec 06, 2006

    Tuesday night: I was drinking white wine in a white-walled art gallery and standing over a plastic bowl containing crumbled sheep brains. "So," I said, turning to the woman next to me, a tall, fre... More >>

  • Shopping Cart Calumny

    published Dec 06, 2006

    Some time after 7 p.m. last night, out here on Northwest 71st Street and Second Court, Jacqui Brown (aka Miami artist Jacqueline Jackson Johnson) was ready to hustle. She wore a stylish black fedora a... More >>

  • Third World Indeed

    published Nov 29, 2006

    Rep Tom Tancredo, a United States Rep. from Colorado, calls Miami what it is and everyone's upset. ''Look at what has happened to Miami,'' he said recently in Palm Beach, according ... More >>

  • Fiedler Owns Up

    published Nov 17, 2006

    The following email went out to Miami Herald newsroom employees this morning. It looks likely that Executive Editor Tom Fiedler is going to take blame for the misjudgments in the reporting on the cas... More >>

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks do the Herald

    published Nov 17, 2006

    Have you caught this video for the Miami Herald's classified section? You'd never know that Craig's List is eating their lunch -- and that revenues for that hurtin' part of the paper are down 4.6 ... More >>

  • No Garden Party

    published November 16, 2006

    Drug dealers outgun cops. A 23-year-old warehouse worker is shot dead over a five-dollar bet. A three-year-old falls from a second floor balcony... More >>

  • I Don't Know Either

    published Nov 07, 2006

    Hoping to avoid the crowds, I woke up very early this morning and ran to my polling place before breakfast. Turned out there was no reason for me to have lost the meal, or the sleep. Upon arriving at ... More >>

  • David and Ileana

    published Nov 07, 2006

    After voting at the South Shore Community Center on Miami Beach early this morning, I went to the market across the street for some coffee and found myself standing in line behind Tony Garcia, a Preci... More >>

  • Penniless Purgatory

    published October 26, 2006

    It was midday-hot in the tony neighborhood just north of Miami's Design District this past June 22 when as many as twenty snipers took aim with... More >>

  • Megamedia Mangler

    published September 28, 2006

    Clad in a starched blue shirt and a red power tie, with black headphones sandwiching his handsome pate, the candidate adroitly parried the DJ's... More >>

  • The Price of Victory

    published September 21, 2006

    The Price of Victory Filed under: Scanner Let's get this... More >>

  • Listen Up, McClatchy

    published July 27, 2006

    A striking, five-column color photo was splashed across the Sunday, June 25 edition of El Nuevo Herald. It showed four spandex-clad... More >>

  • Wrong Way Out

    published June 29, 2006

    It sounds great. Prod media companies to hire more Hispanics and improve relations with the Latino community. Indeed, in just the past three... More >>

  • The Drink-'Em-Up World Cup

    published June 29, 2006

    Not long after noon on June 11 at the Playwright Irish Pub in South Beach, the predominantly pro-American crowd was silent. It had nothing to root... More >>

  • Johnny Be Good, Part 2

    published March 16, 2006

    Back on May 8, 2003, things got ugly on Dinner Key. Miami Commissioner Angel González was angry. He demanded more information about city... More >>

  • Johnny Be Good

    published March 2, 2006

    He never did it. No way. No how. Miami Police Chief John Timoney contends he couldn't have said, "Fuck the Cubans," on February 12 at 1:00... More >>

  • The Bad Seed Awards

    published February 2, 2006

    Welcome, damas and caballeros, to Miami New Times's first annual Bad Seed Awards ceremony here at the gleaming new —... More >>

  • Crowding the Cycads

    published January 26, 2006

    Combining exotic glass with exotic plant life is, apparently, like mixing peanut butter with chocolate or rock with rap. People dig it. When... More >>

  • Shooting Stars

    published Oct 12, 2006

    South Beach is still a mecca for the rich and infamous, but nowadays the stars tend to be more of the "who is that, again?" persuasion. In the 1990's, our neon-illuminated stretch was the playground f... More >>

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