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1994 Stories by Christina Henriques

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  • Bruce on the Loose

    published August 31, 1994

    We cruised through upstate New York, pulling into the biker bar at two o'clock in the morning. Our Volvo station wagon didn't exactly blend into... More >>

  • Wylde Thing

    published July 6, 1994

    No matter what your opinion of Ozzy Osbourne, you have to acknowledge two indisputable facts. First, in popular music's continuing saga, there... More >>

  • Boom Times

    published May 18, 1994

    From local to national to local again, members of the newly formed alliance Planet Boom have individually tasted morsels of success and swallowed... More >>

  • After the Bell Rings

    published April 13, 1994

    It is one of those just great time slots clubs bestow upon local bands: Sunday, midnight. It's the end of the weekend and the rooms are desolate,... More >>

  • Naked to the World

    published March 9, 1994

    After nine months of warehouse hibernation, they're back in the local spotlight, finishing their first release as a signed South Florida band.... More >>

  • Faded Glory

    published January 26, 1994

    As the demand for new and innovative music increases, some bands are becoming tougher to peg. Their music contorts, manipulates, stretches to... More >>

  • Live to Fight Again

    published January 5, 1994

    It couldn't be more fitting that the sweltering city of Phoenix is haven to one of metal's high priests. From the ashes of Judas Priest rises... More >>

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