Charles Flowers


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  • 25 years ago

    If there are troubles in the world, don't blame Arlo Guthrie. He's doing the best he can. The son of Woody is the father of Abe, a keyboardist for a Massachusetts-based thrash quintet called Xavier that also finds time to back Arlo. And he is a de...

  • 25 years ago

    Call him Paradox Pierce Pettis. So close to stardom his diehard corps of fans can taste it, Pettis himself still says, "I'm about as obscure as you can get and still be doing this." The comment might be borne of humility, but it's also the plain t...

  • 26 years ago | Longform

    There are days when Ellis Rubin's law office is the center of the universe for everything that is weird about South Florida. At any given time you might bump into Johnny Carson's black granddaughter, the bald-headed man with the cure for AIDS, the...


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