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  • 10 years ago | Longform

    With camera in hand, Momoko Sudo headed from her Schenley Park home to the Biltmore Hotel gym for her morning workout. It was June 10, and the sun was bursting through the clouds after an early-morning shower. The demure 39-year-old Japanese artis...

  • 12 years ago | Concerts

    It is the curse of the blues musician, the tragic twist of fate that seems to haunt every player since Robert Johnson was said to have sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads in exchange for musical immortality. The Crossroads Curse is rumore...

  • 12 years ago | Concerts

    Miami will remain on the cutting edge of music for at least another year after it kicks off the fourth annual Heineken TransAtlantic Festival with Bajofondo Remixed. Over eighteen long seasons, the Rhythm Foundation has presented acts that blend t...


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