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  • The Wayans Brothers Talk Weed, Cuban Food, and Penis Knots

    The Wayans Brothers Talk Weed, Cuban Food, and Penis Knots

    published May 26, 2011

    ​Shawn and Marlon Wayans have played characters with names like Ashtray, Slim, Cheapie, Gawain, Snails, and Homeless Guy during the four-year run of their homegrown sitcom in the late '90s. As the y... More >>

  • Allen Campbell, Gansevoort Chef Who Fasts to Eat

    published May 24, 2011

    ​Men will do a lot of things to add size to their bodies. Steroid injections, hours at the gym, and for some South Beach crazies, even ass implants. But Allen Campbell, sous chef at the Gansevoort's... More >>

  • Vladimir Mironov's Lab-Grown Meat: Would You Eat It?

    published May 24, 2011

    The cows that make up our burgers consume 80 percent of the planet's farmland, generate 20 percent of our greenhouse emissions, and consume 10 percent of our fresh water. Also, cows don't like getting... More >>

  • The Love Diet, Where Infatuation and Weight Loss Meet

    published May 20, 2011

    Where do love and crash dieting intersect? If you're a typical guy, this question may sound like jibberish. If you're one of the five women in the country who can eat half a strawberry cheesecake at t... More >>

  • Marx Media

    published May 19, 2011

    Artist Mark Boulos translated Karl Marx’s idea of commodity fetishism into “All That Is Solid Melts Into Air,” a film... More >>

  • Gas Station Workout, Diet, Wins Worldwide Popularity

    published May 18, 2011

    ​Gas prices are so high these days, many of us feel like beating up the pump when it's done tallying up our tabs. But we can't do much damage to those LCD screens with flappy, impotent little biceps... More >>

  • Guzzling Coffee Prevents Breast Cancer; Locals List Other Benefits

    Guzzling Coffee Prevents Breast Cancer; Locals List Other Benefits

    published May 16, 2011

    ​Guilt-ridden java guzzlers, take heart: a recent study in Sweden showed the risk of certain types of breast cancer was significantly reduced in post-menopausal women whose daily coffee intake was h... More >>

  • Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae at the Fillmore Miami Beach, May 11

    Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae at the Fillmore Miami Beach, May 11

    published May 12, 2011

    ​View photos from Bruno Mars and Janelle Monáe at the Fillmore Miami Beach here.Hooligans in Wondaland Tour With Bruno Mars and Janelle Monáe Fillmore Miami Beach May 11, 2011 ​Better Than: I t... More >>

  • Bubonic Plague is Back! What to Eat if You Catch It

    published May 11, 2011

    ​Just when you thought it was safe to skip a cycle of your dog's costly Advantix treatments, the bubonic plague stages a comeback --- at least in New Mexico. On Friday, a Santa Fe man became the fir... More >>

  • Eight Celebs Not Cut Out for Motherhood

    published May 06, 2011

    ​Nurturing. Feminine. Capable. Sensible. Self-sacrificing. The checklist of things that make a mother good at her job is really no joke. Yes, when a woman becomes a mother, everyone knows there's a ... More >>

  • More Primal Blueprint Lunacy: Weight Loss

    published May 04, 2011

    ​The philosophy of the Primal Blueprint, currently one of the most popular semi-low-carb diets --- er, sorry, lifestyles --- around, makes more intuitive sense than did The Atkins Diet's unabashed b... More >>

  • Primal Play on South Beach: Aaron Rentfrew Works Out Like a Caveman

    published May 03, 2011

    ​Miami has lots of decadent gyms. South Beach's David Barton, for example, has valet parking, steam rooms, a pool, somewhere around 18 classes a day, and an interior that looks more like a nightclub... More >>

  • Piano Slam Mixes Classical and Hip-Hop at Knight Concert Hall

    published May 02, 2011

    ​Music and art programs are dropping out of Miami Dade Public Schools like flies hit by a cloud of Raid. Lucky for us, the private sector is stepping in with programs like Piano Slam to patch the ga... More >>

  • The ANDI Scale: Thrive vs. Burger King

    published Apr 27, 2011

    ​A friend and I recently lunched at Thrive (1239 Alton Rd., Miami Beach). We split two entrées and a fresh juice. Our bill came to about $32. For $16, we each had half a portobello mushroom "pizza"... More >>

  • Rules of the Road: For Starters, Don't Bike Like an A-hole

    published Apr 27, 2011

    ​When you were a kid and you got your first bike, you just wanted to ride wild. You rode in the middle of the street, played chicken with your friends, etc. Now that Miami is making cycling more acc... More >>

  • Cyrano: You "Nose" It's Good Opera

    published Apr 24, 2011

    ​When I think of opera, I think of things like little binoculars, corpulent singers and wealthy male and female audience members wearing matching purple and chartreuse suits and gowns. While I did w... More >>

  • Wham, Bam, Piano Slam

    published April 21, 2011

    The average middle-schooler isn’t likely to list Bach or Gershwin as a musical idol. The annual event Piano Slam, spearheaded by the... More >>

  • Mark Boulos's All That Is Solid Melts Into Air Screens at Miami Art Museum

    published Apr 20, 2011

    ​When divorcing couples fight over assets, kids barter bubble gum for rubber band bracelets, and prostitutes haggle Johns over the price of a BJ, they are all unwittingly exemplifying Karl Marx's "c... More >>

  • The Vanishing of the Bees Screens on Earth Day

    published Apr 18, 2011

    ​This Friday, April 22, is Earth Day. After you wipe the tree-planting dirt off your hands, you can relax with an eco-conscious dinner and movie that will give you a buzz in more ways than one.Three... More >>

  • <i>Don Giovanni</i>: Sex and Sword Fights Done Right

    Don Giovanni: Sex and Sword Fights Done Right

    published Apr 17, 2011

    ​Let's preface this whole thing by saying that I'm not accustomed to attending performances in Miami where a significant percentage of female audience members are wearing fur coats. That said, I ima... More >>

  • David Rukin: Bee Pollen Can Make You Bill Gates or LeBron James

    published Apr 16, 2011

    ​The use of bee pollen as a nutritional supplement is far from new. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians were popping the tiny, mustard-colored granules well before pop culture breathed health food stor... More >>

  • Chinese Mysticism Envelops The Red Thread at PlayGround Theatre

    published Apr 12, 2011

    ​Listen up all you overachievers out there: Naps can be very productive. In fact, The Red Thread, a new original production opening Wednesday at Miami Shores' PlayGround Theatre, is the product of s... More >>

  • David Rukin: PETA Is Wrong, Beekeeping Is Not Animal Abuse

    David Rukin: PETA Is Wrong, Beekeeping Is Not Animal Abuse

    published Apr 11, 2011

    ​There's a perception in the vegan/vegetarian community that beekeepers are perpetrators of animal abuse. They mishandle bees, stealing from them and working them into the ground by harvesting their... More >>

  • Vegan Assassin Alex Cuevas Speaks

    published Apr 09, 2011

    ​Alex Cuevas is a buff vegan, but it hasn't always been that way. Vegetarian for 24 years, vegan for the last 14, he met a guy named Nature at a raw vegan potluck in New York City in late 2009. It w... More >>

  • Thread Lightly

    published March 31, 2011

    You snooze, you lose, right? Well, not in the case of the The Red Thread, a new production opening at the kid-friendly PlayGround... More >>

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