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1994 Stories by Bob Weinberg

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  • Sweet and Sour

    published September 21, 1994

    Sugar Blue is not one to dwell on the past. Practically raised in Harlem's famed Apollo Theater -- his mother was a singer and dancer there -- he... More >>

  • Walker Blues

    published August 16, 1994

    Little Nicky Yarling says Phillip Walker is one of the best acts she has ever seen. Quite an endorsement from the juke-joint-jumpin'est frontwoman... More >>

  • Romancing the Bean

    published August 3, 1994

    Don't speak to me. Don't even look at me. For sure, don't smile. Not before that first dose of caffeine is more than halfway down my gullet and... More >>

  • Marshall Law

    published July 20, 1994

    Maria Marshall made lasagna for Tony Bennett. Maria Marshall ate baked Alaska with Jimmy Rushing. Maria Marshall took a hundred bucks off Zoot... More >>

  • Blues Collar

    published July 6, 1994

    Big Boss Man, can't you hear me when I call Well, you ain't so big You just tall, that's all Prolific blues bard Jimmy Reed... More >>

  • Hammond Be Free

    published April 27, 1994

    Perched on a stool center stage at the Stephen Talkhouse in February, John Hammond was busy conjuring up the ghosts of Robert Johnson and Son... More >>

  • Tenor of the Times

    published April 13, 1994

    Bean, Ben, and Prez. It's almost a mantra for anyone who loves tenor sax (that is, tenor sax before 'Trane, Newk, and 'Nette bent the horn around... More >>

  • Rotations

    published April 6, 1994

    Ted Hawkins The Next Hundred Years (DGC) Every so often you hear a performer for the first time and the experience actually... More >>

  • Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues

    published April 6, 1994

    "If there is a sound that says 'Chicago Blues' to the world," Alligator Record's founder Bruce Iglauer once said, "it's the sound of a harmonica... More >>

  • Ryder's Storm

    published March 30, 1994

    Rock and roll is supposed to sound like Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. Rock and roll was born to be wild, loud, angry, aggressive,... More >>

  • Between a Rock and a Blue Place

    published March 16, 1994

    It must have been odd for middle-age black men like Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and Sonny Boy Williamson to suddenly find themselves revered... More >>

  • Evans and Odds

    published March 2, 1994

    By Bob Weinberg Jazz and blues. Blues and jazz. These bastard sons of the same mother have become so intertwined they're often taken for one... More >>

  • Buddy Makes Book

    published February 9, 1994

    "I had a job but I got laid off," Buddy belted, answering his vocals with a stinging Strat riff. "I had a heart but it got too soft," the crowd... More >>

  • Take the Muddy and Run

    published February 2, 1994

    It hit him hard, the passing of a good friend. "I'm dead on my feet right now," says blues guitarist-singer-songwriter Bob Margolin in a weary... More >>

  • Coping with the Blues

    published January 19, 1994

    Do these things really happen? Johnny Clyde swears it's true. He was about fifteen, gawking at an electric guitar in the window of a music shop in... More >>

  • Ramsey Jamsy

    published January 12, 1994

    "You Better Get It in Your Soul." Bassman Charlie Mingus's song title could be considered the watchword of jazz in the Sixties, especially for... More >>

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