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1993 Stories by Bob Weinberg

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  • The End of the Ice Age

    published December 8, 1993

    As the blues community celebrates the ascension of a new guitar hero in Dave Hole, it also mourns the passing of another. "Albert Collins," says... More >>

  • Slide Show

    published December 8, 1993

    On the other side of the world water swirls counterclockwise down the drain, animals carry their offspring in pouches, and a left-handed slide... More >>

  • Camilo's House

    published December 8, 1993

    Michel Camilo's voice is excited. Hoarse, but excited. The world-renowned pianist has just returned to his native Dominican Republic to perform... More >>

  • Seven the Hot Way

    published November 10, 1993

    There probably was no musician more beloved than Louis Armstrong. Pops's broadly smiling mug, trademark forehead-hanky-swipe, and most of... More >>

  • Lady Slings the Blues

    published November 3, 1993

    Sometimes the years of practice and perseverance, the putting up with crap from club owners and slacker sidemen, all come down to one... More >>

  • What Becomes a Legend?

    published October 27, 1993

    Glee. Pure glee. That's what shone in the eyes of legendary vibe man Lionel Hampton the other night at Sunrise Musical Theatre. Hamp played when... More >>

  • Baby, I'm Not a Star

    published September 29, 1993

    Kenny Millions is wailing. Rather, his tenor sax is wailing. Legs akimbo, rocking slightly as if on an invisible canoe, the straw-haired,... More >>

  • Gator Country

    published August 18, 1993

    You say you want to sign your favorite local band to a lucrative recording contract? Share its music with the rest of the world? Why not do what... More >>

  • The Old and The Blues

    published August 11, 1993

    The right hand moves with dazzling speed, jackhammering the keys like a five-pronged backhoe stuck in overdrive. But it's the left hand, slowly... More >>

  • Society Blues

    published August 11, 1993

    The showcase that rocketed Piano Bob and the Snowman and the Roach Thompson Blues Band into the Handy Awards history book and the national... More >>

  • The Theory of Eganomics

    published July 21, 1993

    Sweet guitar chords roll down the Broadwalk with the breeze, beckoning passers-by to the open-air, stone-face tavern. Nautical knickknacks --... More >>

  • Conscious Pilot

    published May 26, 1993

    "Welcome to Club Bravo, home of...the extremely bright light that's shining in my eyes. That was supposed to be a hint, bro." Delfeayo... More >>

  • Wirtz for Wear

    published May 19, 1993

    He's the self-proclaimed, mail-ordained (or disdained, as he puts it) minister of the First House of Polyester Worship. His powers are so... More >>

  • Rotations

    published May 12, 1993

    Jimmy Scott Lost and Found (Atlantic/Rhino) They're a select group, a handful of singers that can pull up emotion and hurt so... More >>

  • Irrefutable Evidence

    published April 14, 1993

    Although the "big" acts at the Chicago Blues Fest may continue to ring in your ears long after the fact, it's often the sidewalk musicians or the... More >>

Archives: 2010 | 1996 | 1995 | 1994 | 1993