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  • 6 years ago

    Mike Ramirez of Fort Lauderdale's Radio-Active Records fully understands the mania that drives vinyl junkies — he's among their number. The 29-year-old manager and buyer for the store says his Fort Lauderdale home is filled floor-to-ceiling ...

  • 20 years ago

    The Grifters Ain't My Lookout (Sub Pop) For the past six years, the Grifters have made some beautifully fractured and schizophrenic music -- loose yet deceptively complex, chaotic and noisy but susceptible to moments of majestic pop splendor. Over...

  • 21 years ago

    Aimee Mann I'm With Stupid (DGC) Aimee Mann has been hauling her dented and dinged heart around for more than a decade now, pulling it out of a box for show-and-tell on three albums by her old band 'Til Tuesday, and on two solo records, 1993's rem...

  • 21 years ago

    Willy Chirino Asere (Sony Tropical) Family-style salsa pop with a light dance beat best suited for conservative hips has propeled Miami's Willy Chirino to the top of the Latin tropical-music ranks. And here we go again: His new release, Asere, is ...

  • 21 years ago

    Kristin Hersh The Holy Single (Ryko) On this four-song EP, Throwing Muses singer/songwriter/guitarist Kristin Hersh goes solo, accompanying herself on acoustic guitar with little additional instrumentation, much as she did on her fine -- and overl...

  • 21 years ago

    New Bomb Turks Pissing Out the Poison (Crypt) Before punk rock found new digs on the Billboard album chart, it was the provincial music of outcasts and miscreants who had little interest in (let alone a chance in hell of attaining) the massive fam...


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