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  • Little Misses

    published December 29, 2005

    Amid Hollywood's zillion-dollar explosions and computer-enhanced trickery, plenty of quieter, better films sneaked into theaters virtually... More >>

  • Beautiful Dreamer

    published December 29, 2005

    The gifted Irish novelist and filmmaker Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Michael Collins) says that his overriding concern is "how... More >>

  • Now Playing

    published December 15, 2005

    This romantic tragedy about two lean, wind-burned cowpokes (Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal) who secretly live to poke each other probably won't... More >>

  • Derailed

    published November 17, 2005

    The nasty French villain in Mikael Håfstrom's thriller, played with obvious relish by Vincent Cassel, is the best thing about this neo-noir rehash o... More >>

  • Smiles to Go

    published November 17, 2005

    We popcorn-chomping hitchhikers never know who will pick us up on the roadside. In Flirting with Disaster, it was a neurotic Manhattan... More >>

  • Foiled Again

    published November 10, 2005

    It's been 85 years since Douglas Fairbanks slashed his way into the top tax bracket as the masked hero Zorro, and Hollywood still can find no... More >>

  • Mine Kampf

    published November 10, 2005

    When we first see the protagonist of North Country, a working-class heroine portrayed by a deglamorized Charlize Theron, she's... More >>

  • Love in Gloom

    published September 22, 2005

    By conservative estimate, Tim Burton stands to rake in half a billion dollars at the box office this year, thanks to a childlike chocolate-maker... More >>

  • November Mourn

    published August 18, 2005

    Sure you want to be inside Sophie Jacobs's head? The poor woman's cabeza is so stuffed with guilt and fear, so tormented by grief and what... More >>

  • Petal to the Mettle

    published August 11, 2005

    The contentedly independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch has brought his restless energy to a series of surreal road movies that move nicely along on... More >>

  • Could Be Verse

    published July 28, 2005

    British indie filmmaker Sally Potter, a former dancer, lyricist, and performance artist, clearly has a taste for adventure. In 1992 that led her... More >>

  • Chocolate Kisses

    published July 14, 2005

    Roald Dahl's inner child was evidently a contrary lad -- precocious, dark-minded, contemptuous of adult supervision, and fueled by a sense of... More >>

  • 24-Hour Pouty People

    published July 7, 2005

    So little time, so much trouble. In the 24-hour period that's dissected in Heights, the first feature from Harvard/Cambridge/USC... More >>

  • Thick and Rich

    published May 26, 2005

    Layer Cake, the new British crime drama from first-time director Matthew Vaughn, is a block of granite struggling to liberate the... More >>

  • War: What Is It Good For?

    published May 12, 2005

    Whatever you do, don't accuse Ridley Scott of turning his back on a fight. Doesn't matter if it's slimy-fanged space aliens attacking Sigourney... More >>

  • Cold Case

    published April 28, 2005

    Agent Fox Mulder, the coolly instinctual sleuth of The X-Files, got pretty good at unraveling paranormal mysteries. If only the actor who... More >>

  • Rose in Bloom

    published April 14, 2005

    When the great playwright Arthur Miller died in February, many admirers took stock again of his most enduring creation, Willy Loman. A delusional... More >>

  • Shallow Waters

    published February 10, 2005

    When we first see Tony Fingleton, the plucky Australian hero of Swimming Upstream, he's a cute little guy getting cuffed around by... More >>

  • Extended Sentence

    published January 13, 2005

    The grim little green-walled apartment where Walter finds himself after his release has the look of a jail cell -- with one apparent easement.... More >>

  • A Few Dollars Left

    published January 6, 2005

    Clint Eastwood began digging into the third act of his career -- the one that reveals the mature, deep-thinking artist ... with a little jazz... More >>

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