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1992 Stories by Bill Gallo

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  • One Union Under Mob

    published December 30, 1992

    The ultimate plain-talker, Jimmy Hoffa was never known as an author of fine ironies. But one real beauty clings to him eighteen years after his... More >>

  • It Isn't Easy Being Mean

    published December 16, 1992

    Ebenezer Scrooge has been learning the error of his ways for 150 years now, but The Muppet Christmas Carol may mark the first time that frogs,... More >>

  • Beyond Cruise Control

    published December 16, 1992

    Whether he's doing the bugaloo in his underwear, hanging around the pool hall with Paul Newman, or playing hero in airplanes and race cars, Tom... More >>

  • Killer Instinct

    published December 9, 1992

    Bill Friedkin and Bill Clinton may not have noticed, but the death penalty has been abolished by all Western democracies save one, by the modern... More >>

  • D.C. Comics

    published December 9, 1992

    As soon as Frank Capra stops spinning in his grave, he may find a couple of laughs in Eddie Murphy's election year farce, The Distinguished... More >>

  • Down for the Count

    published November 18, 1992

    Talk about Undead. Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Darkness, Aristocrat of Evil -- call him what you will. Count Dracula has haunted the movies... More >>

  • Makin' Whoopi

    published September 30, 1992

    Mbongeni Ngema's agitprop musical Sarafina! enthralled American audiences during its long Broadway run: The stark contrast between the infectious... More >>

  • Any Which Way You Caan

    published September 9, 1992

    With Mel Brooks on the skids, Eddie Murphy retooling as Mr. Romantic, and Woody Allen all tied up in divorce court, somebody in the movies had to... More >>

  • Field of Screams

    published August 12, 1992

    Speaking of genres, the woman-in-jeopardy movie has been getting quite a working-over lately, from Sleeping With the Enemy to A Stranger Among Us.... More >>

  • Mentl, The Yeshiva Ploy

    published July 22, 1992

    To any casual moviegoer, it comes as no surprise that a starlet now growing quite long in the tooth like Melanie Griffith should show up in an... More >>

  • The Courtship of Eddie's Ego

    published July 8, 1992

    Eddie Murphy's metamorphosis from foulmouthed ghetto comic into suave leading man is now almost complete, but so far it's been about as successful... More >>

  • Clancy Footwork

    published June 10, 1992

    The Hollywood office of the CIA has pulled off its slickest trick in years. When last we saw him, singlehandedly combating the Evil Empire in The... More >>

  • The Muck of the Irish

    published May 6, 1992

    Now that the fledgling Irish film industry has gained a toehold, it seems intent on waxing native to a fault. These days, Ireland's most... More >>

  • A Boy Named Sioux

    published April 8, 1992

    When we first see Ray Levoi he's cruising the Beltway donning opaque aviator Ray-Bans, a crisp white shirt, and regimental-stripe tie. As he... More >>

  • The Hearing of the Green

    published February 26, 1992

    Just when you begin to suspect that intelligence, wit and charm have vanished from the movies under the haunches of full-grown dogs like For the... More >>

  • Cloak and Jagger

    published January 22, 1992

    As the science fiction thriller Freejack would have it, the big Apple seventeen years hence is a grimy midnight junkyard blanketed by noxious gas,... More >>

  • Please Pass the Sugar

    published January 15, 1992

    In this era of slob humor and assault comedy, it's a pleasure to stumble across a movie that comes at you as obliquely - slyly, even - as Mike... More >>

  • The Big Pill

    published January 8, 1992

    It's amazing what passes for deep thinking in Southern California. Lawrence Kasdan's godawful Grand Canyon combines a heavy dose of New Age... More >>

  • Burroughs Welcome

    published January 8, 1992

    Depending on which school of style you consult, William S. Burroughs comes up as a neglected literary genius or a dithering fraud still awash in... More >>

  • Dallas Aforethought

    published January 1, 1992

    The durable cottage industry created by the events of November 22, 1963 (six hundred books, just for a start) has never seen anything quite like... More >>

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