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1991 Stories by Ben Greenman

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  • Come As You Are

    published December 11, 1991

    West German writer and director Monika Treut has devoted her film career to a study of sexuality, especially those sexualities viewed as taboo or... More >>

  • John O' Keefe Feature

    published December 4, 1991

    When John O'Keefe steps into the boxing ring at Coconut Grove's Virrick Gym Saturday at 8:00 p.m., he'll have no opponent. Or rather, no tangible... More >>

  • What a Drag!

    published December 4, 1991

    If you've started to swallow this generation's subtle ethnic-assassination campaign - resolving Japan's dominance of world business by... More >>

  • Fax or Fiction?

    published November 27, 1991

    Jack Thompson's first novel doesn't look like a novel. The unbound heap of 100-plus fax transmissions, electronically dispatched from Thompson to... More >>

  • Fortunate Son

    published November 27, 1991

    Given: Frank Pesce, Jr., (Anthony LaPaglia), the youngest son of a New York trucker, is the hero of George Gallo's savvy and affecting new... More >>

  • Bone Poem

    published November 27, 1991

    Of all the nonexistent books, perhaps the most valuable is the indispensable reference Great Fishbone Quotations. Never published (though if it... More >>

  • The Simple Art of Vengeance

    published November 20, 1991

    Goodfellas may have been his finest movie, but Raging Bull is still the seminal masterpiece that future film students will watch to understand... More >>

  • True Believer

    published November 13, 1991

    Los Angeles may be the City of Angels, but Sharon (Mimi Rogers) - the protagonist of Michael Tolkin's The Rapture - isn't one of them. At least... More >>

  • The Cuts

    published November 13, 1991

    Bruce Springsteen's new album, Parking Free, due out soon, returns the Jersey rock legend full circle to his roots and captures the true spirit... More >>

  • The Interview

    published November 13, 1991

    After being told that New Times had obtained an exclusive advance copy of Bruce Springsteen's forthcoming album, publicists for the musician... More >>

  • Poetry in Commotion

    published November 6, 1991

    Once in a great while, the world of literature is graced with a new birth so promising, so spectacular, that mankind's faith in the power of... More >>

  • Sex and the Single Girl

    published November 6, 1991

    The hope, I guess, was that phenom Patsy Kensit would light up every corner of Twenty-One, Don Boyd's saga of how a spirited girl in modern-day... More >>

  • Dutch Treat

    published October 30, 1991

    In a year in which gangster-movie inflation is at its all-time high, director Robert Benton's Billy Bathgate has turned a profit, and done it the... More >>

  • Brilliant Mistake

    published October 30, 1991

    The prospects for Dede Tate (Jodie Foster) are limited. She's a high school dropout, a cocktail waitress, a single mother who has no contact with... More >>

  • No Dear, I Think That Was A 'Heck'

    published October 23, 1991

    The next time you find yourself at a movie, any movie, try a little experiment. Instead of watching the film for the plot, or the characters, or... More >>

  • Chiles Pornography

    published October 23, 1991

    Citizens of Florida should be aware of many things. The marine ecosystem, for instance, and the importance of peaceful cultural coexistence. And... More >>

  • Boise Will Be Boise

    published October 23, 1991

    Like the Pacific Northwest landscape that serves as one of its major characters, Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho has both dramatic peaks and... More >>

  • Two-For-One-Special

    published October 16, 1991

    Garry Marshall once delivered sentimental films that didn't scrimp on substance (The Flamingo Kid, Nothing in Common), but in the past few years... More >>

  • A Piece of the Rock

    published October 9, 1991

    To its credit, Shout never pretends to be anything but a mealy-minded tribute to the liberating power of rock and roll. All this talk about music... More >>

  • I Fink Therefore I Am

    published October 2, 1991

    As with young Irish gun Kenneth Branagh, whose Dead Again is the summer's most stunning achievement and a fully successful resurrection of the... More >>

  • Sale Away

    published October 2, 1991

    Ten years ago Virgin Records released The Flowers of Romance, the third studio LP from Public Image Ltd. During its infancy, PiL (fronted, of... More >>

  • Talk Rodeo

    published September 25, 1991

    What Eric Bogosian does isn't hard to explain. In fact it's almost too easy. For almost a decade, the 37-year-old New Yorker -- a Woburn,... More >>

  • Unsolved Mysteries, Dateline Miami Beach

    published September 25, 1991

    When an anonymous reader sent us a photocopy of a Miami Beach Police Offense Incident Report, we treated it with the care and attention we give to... More >>

  • Somebody's Watching You

    published September 25, 1991

    Voyeurism is an amazingly supple subject for films. The whole cinematic process reeks of it - sitting alone in a darkened room, watching the... More >>

  • Home, James

    published September 25, 1991

    In concert, James Brown may croon "Georgia on My Mind" or punch out "Kansas City," but the Hardest Working Man in Show Business has a special... More >>

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