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  • Benefit and Beautify

    published August 30, 2007

    Art’s healing power is the subject of a contest conducted by Gilda’s Club Worldwide to help colorectal cancer survivors find courage in... More >>

  • Blame It on the Boogie

    published August 30, 2007

    After devastating fans by selling off two World Series Champion teams, the Florida Marlins management should have some terrible karma. But... More >>

  • Laugh or Die

    published August 9, 2007

    You’d love to go to the Comedy Festival, one of the nation’s premier stand-up events, this November at Caesar’s Palace in Las... More >>

  • They’re Ballin’!

    published July 19, 2007

    Sure the new TV show Shaq’s Big Challenge is great, but it doesn’t quite fill the long basketball void of the NBA off-season.... More >>

  • Fine and Dandi

    published July 12, 2007

    Have you had your dose of avant-garde Canadian electro art rock this week? Somehow we didn’t think so. Fortunately you can head down to the... More >>

  • Bulls on Parade

    published July 5, 2007

    Pamplona’s world-famous bull-running festival kicks off this week, and in celebration a Miami comedy troupe has organized its own stampede... More >>

  • We’ll Take Swords for $400

    published June 28, 2007

    Say what you will about wrestling, duels, or the Giant Q-Tip Game from American Gladiators, but when it comes to hand-to-hand combat,... More >>

  • Slick Picking

    published June 14, 2007

    Admit it: When you hear the phrase guitar festival, it evokes terrifying images of aging rockers with big hair and cut-off T-shirts.... More >>

  • Ahoy, Mateys

    published June 7, 2007

    Whether you’re deep-sea fishing, partying, dumping bodies, or just cruising around, Miami is always more fun when you own the city’s... More >>

  • Busting the Blockbusters

    published May 31, 2007

    Remember the scene in Top Gun when Maverick and Iceman finally give in to their carnal desire for each other? How about Rocky’s... More >>

  • My Sweet Lord

    published May 24, 2007

    Whether you’re a true believer or so skeptical you won’t even accept that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a paperback... More >>

  • Spell It Right

    published May 10, 2007

    By now, everyone and their mother (sorry, Mom) knows the meaning of the not-really-that-clever acronym MILF. It’s time to get used to the... More >>

  • Fantasy Day for Geeks

    published May 3, 2007

    Not so long ago the appeal of comic books was limited by the stigma attached to its traditional core audiences — dudes who live at home with... More >>

  • Kicking and Screaming

    published April 26, 2007

    Did you know that Miami got a new professional soccer team just last year? They’re called Miami FC, and they play in the United Soccer... More >>

  • Eep Opp Orp Uh-Oh

    published April 26, 2007

    Some ten years ago, Captured! By Robots lead singer and “puny human” JBOT made the unspeakably foolish decision to create two... More >>

  • Beads, But No Boobs

    published April 19, 2007

    Have you always wanted to take your kids to Mardi Gras, but worried that it sends the wrong message about drinking, sex, self-respect, growing up,... More >>

  • Welcome Robot Overlords!

    published April 12, 2007

    While great minds of the past set themselves to curing diseases or explaining the laws of the universe, today our best and brightest aspire to... More >>

  • Here Fishy Fishy

    published March 29, 2007

    The pursuit of the majestic billfish is probably best known to most of us landlubbers as the subject of one of the true American literary... More >>

  • Beware of Gators

    published March 22, 2007

    Remember that crazy newspaper photo taken in the Everglades of an alligator clawing its way out from the inside of someone’s escaped pet... More >>

  • Samba into Summer

    published March 15, 2007

    When you live in Miami — and when the idea of “summer vacation” is nothing more than a distant memory — the approach of the... More >>

  • Scotchy Scotch Scotch

    published March 8, 2007

    You can only get so far in this town on frozen margaritas and slippery nipple shots — farther than in most, actually — but if you want... More >>

  • Mood Indigo

    published February 15, 2007

    It’s a spectacular barrage of percussion and music! It’s a display of magic and illusion! It’s one of the running gags from... More >>

  • Looking for a Boat Friend?

    published February 15, 2007

    Have you recently earned, won, or defrauded the government of millions of dollars? Are you still searching for that special someone who can offer... More >>

  • Boobs, Butts, and Balls

    published February 1, 2007

    What happens when Super Bowl week, a great celebration of American excess, hits South Beach, a community not exactly known for restraint? Does... More >>

  • Bands in Bloom

    published January 18, 2007

    Great things often come in pairs: Hall and Oates, North Korea and South Korea, peanut butter and herring. Okay, those are all terrible examples.... More >>

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