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1994 Stories by Art Levine

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  • The Great Jet Ski Caper

    published December 29, 1994

    Like a growing number of other young men in the Miami area, Capems Franaois has a taste for jet skis. In fact, police say, he liked one particular... More >>

  • Happy Medium

    published October 5, 1994

    Standing before the audience gathered around him on the Lincoln Road mall, he looked like someone from another century. "Would you care to see... More >>

  • Mother Mary Comes to Me

    published October 5, 1994

    In my line of work I'm often required to meet with high-level sources. But rarely are they as high-ranking as the ones I met through Lawrence... More >>

  • Car 34, Where Are You?

    published September 21, 1994

    The Lincoln in the parking lot turned out to be a key clue, but it wasn't enough to close the case of the invisible candidate. When the votes were... More >>

  • The Case of the Invisible Candidate

    published August 31, 1994

    Like many tips, this one came at the racetrack. But it wasn't about a horse. At a Hialeah Race Course fundraiser for Gov. Lawton Chiles, a... More >>

  • Reach Out and Help Someone

    published August 24, 1994

    It always starts with a voice in the night. "Switchboard of Miami. How can we help you?" "I'm tired, I'm real tired," the caller... More >>

  • Razin' in the Sun

    published July 6, 1994

    Nearly 70 years ago, when it was built, the small red cottage on NE 89th Street was a well-to-do child's toy, a playhouse constructed by a father... More >>

  • The Sultan of Schmooze

    published June 29, 1994

    It's always a privilege to see a great performer at the peak of his form. Those who have witnessed Baryshnikov dance or Michael Jordan defy... More >>

  • Hearing Impaired

    published June 8, 1994

    A few months ago, while Walter Reynoso was having a cup of coffee in the federal courthouse downtown, he was approached by a distraught cafeteria... More >>

  • How Now, Pow Wow?

    published June 1, 1994

    During Pow Wow, the May 21-25 international tourist trade show sponsored by the Travel Industry Association of America, Miami wasn't taking any... More >>

  • Miami Makeover

    published May 11, 1994

    In the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau conference room high above Brickell Avenue, staff members sometimes display an oversized flow... More >>

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